Forsythia Soap

Forsythia Cold Process Soap

Forsythia is one of those ornamental flowering bushes that you see blooming everywhere this time of year (at least around these parts.) What some don’t know though, is that it’s considered an edible flower, which is the main qualification I look for when creating new soaps and such. I figure if it’s safe to eat, it’s usually safe to go on my skin too! Forsythia fruit is also a really great antiviral, especially when combined … Continue reading

Spring Happenings

basket of chicks and eggs

After an overly long winter, spring is finally here! We’ve been planting spring gardens….. admiring baby animals…. making a few projects (will detail this rabbit tractor in a future post)… and the usual – repair, repair, repair.   All that to say that the blog and email have been sorely neglected lately. Starting back next week though, I have a bunch of things lined up, so I’ll see you then!  

Gardener’s Hand Cream

gardener's hand cream

Today, I’m over at sharing the recipe for this deeply moisturizing hand cream. It’s super simple to make and great for gardeners, farmers, and those who work a lot with their hands. For the recipe and directions on how to make it, just click HERE to visit!  

How to Make Lavender Dusting Cloths

How to Make Non-Toxic Lavender Dusting Cloths

These all natural, lavender dusting cloths are so simple to make and use. I love that I can hand them off to my kids at chore time and not worry about exposing them to potentially toxic chemicals. Lavender is well known for its soothing, calming properties. I like my home to feel like a safe, calm oasis in the middle of a crazy world, so it’s one of my favorite scents to use around the … Continue reading

Violet Leaf Lip Balm

Violet Leaf Lip Balm

Today, I’m over at the Hobby Farms web site sharing how I make a soothing lip balm from violet leaves. You can check that recipe out by clicking HERE! You might also like these other projects using violets: Spring Tonic Honey | Violet Vinegar | Violet Jelly      

Treating Pets with Herbal Broths

how to use herbal broths to treat pets

Many, though not all, of the plant-based herbal remedies that we use for humans can also be safely used to treat dogs and cats. The tricky part is getting them to take them! To encourage compliance, I make my pets an herbal tea of sorts, using broth instead of water. Before I detail how and offer some suggested herbs, I want to be clear that I am not advocating that you replace your vet completely … Continue reading

The Winter Homestead

call duck in the snow

Last month, I asked my newsletter subscribers what kind of things they’d like to see me write about this year. I got some great answers – thank you to everyone that responded! Several asked for more behind-the-scenes type posts, more information on how daily life goes on around here, and how we deal with farm-related challenges that arise. With that in mind, today I thought I’d share a bit about how this winter has been … Continue reading

Maple Snow Candy

how to make snow candy with maple syrup

One of my favorite books growing up was “Singing Wheels”, a story about a boy named Tom Hastings that lived in the pioneer days. I later found out that it was actually a school reader from the 1950′s, but that fact did not lessen my love for my well-worn copy! I was so enamored with how Tom’s family made everything from scratch and wished with all my heart that I could be transported back to … Continue reading

Wild Rose Body Butter

Wild Rose Whipped Body Butter Tutorial

This luscious body butter is so rich, so moisturizing… it has quickly become a new favorite of mine! I adapted it from the wonderful whipped body butter recipe found HERE on the Soap Queen blog. I love that it’s super easy to put together – no melting, no chilling, no complicated steps. I loaded my version up with wrinkle fighting rosehip seed oil, skin nourishing mango butter, rose petal infused sunflower oil, and then lightly … Continue reading

Little Boxes of Cheer

Box of Good Cheer

February is arguably the dreariest month of the year. Between the freezing winds, icy roads and drab landscape, it feels like winter is never going to end! My kids and I have found a small way to help brighten up these last few weeks cooped indoors, so today I thought I’d pass the idea along to you – along with  a fun little giveaway so you can play along too. The inspiration first began when … Continue reading