Baby Carrot Soap

baby carrot soap palm free recipe

This baby carrot soap is gentle and mild, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. To make this, you’ll need to first prepare a carrot puree. (Alternately, you can use carrot baby food.) To make the puree, slice a large carrot into rounds and simmer in a covered pot of water. When tender, spoon the slices from the water and cool to room temperature. Blend the carrots along with a small amount of the … Continue reading

Pine Tar Soap Recipe

Old Fashioned Pine Tar Soap (Palm Free)

Yesterday, I shared a link to an old fashioned black pine tar salve recipe that I wrote about on (The link is HERE, if you missed it.) By request, I’m sharing the recipe & directions for making pine tar soap as well. In the past, this soap was reputed to help with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin afflictions. I’ve also heard of people using it for treating flaky scalp and dandruff. Some years back, … Continue reading

Pine Tar Salve (& A Sale)

Old Fashioned Pine Tar Salve Recipe

Today, I’m over at, sharing a recipe for an old fashioned pine tar salve. By request from several readers, I’ll also be sharing a matching Pine Tar Soap recipe back here on my site, tomorrow. In other news, from today until the 15th only (or until 30,000 copies are sold), you can find my natural soap making ebook in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. There are so many cool goodies in this collection including … Continue reading

Sore Muscles Soak

sore muscles soak

I had the chance to take a peek at the beginning herbal class at the Herbal Academy of New England (HANE) and it looks wonderful! The first unit has some great recipes scattered throughout and with permission from HANE, I selected this one to share with you today. I had all of these ingredients on hand, or growing in my yard and garden, but you can also find dried herbs at places such as Mountain … Continue reading

A Little News… And An Opportunity

herbs in a jar

I have a little blip of exciting-to-me news to share! My natural soap making ebook was chosen to be included in the upcoming Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that includes some of my biggest blogging heroes, including Money Saving Mom, The Prairie Homestead, and Fresh Eggs Daily! If you’re like me, these book bundle sales always roll around when my bank account is at its lowest and I can’t swing the $29 or so that they … Continue reading

Things To Make With Mint eBook

mint ice cubes

Today, through Monday night (August 22 to 25, 2014), my ebook: Things To Make With Mint, is free on Amazon! (The free offer has expired.) If you don’t own a Kindle device, you can still read it on your computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone by using Amazon’s free app, found HERE. Grab a copy, and be sure to share with your interested family and friends too! Link to is an affiliate link. If you … Continue reading

How To Make Any Soap Recipe Palm Free (FAQS Series)

how to make a soap recipe palm free

Today, I want to address another of the most frequently asked questions I get: “I found this great looking soap recipe on the internet, but it includes palm oil. How can I make it palm free?” (A related question I get is: “What’s wrong with using palm oil?” That’s something of a hot button topic & not really the focus of this post, but some reasons why I decided to stop using it can be … Continue reading

Lemon Balm Bug Spray

lemon balm bug spray

This DIY bug spray is from my new Kindle ebook – Things To Make With Lemon Balm. I gathered all of my favorite lemon balm project ideas together in one convenient volume. You can find it HERE on I’ve tried a lot of homemade bug spray recipes. Some were just terrible. I remember taking one concoction camping and I’m pretty sure that I was attracting every mosquito in the county with that particular formula! … Continue reading

Honey & Hemp Shampoo Bar (plus a soap book giveaway)

Honey & Hemp Shampoo Bar Recipe

Today, I’m over at Natural Herbal Living Mamma, sharing a recipe for a honey & hemp shampoo bar. While you’re there checking it out, you can also enter a giveaway for two copies of my newest ebook on Cold Process Soap Making. In addition, the winners will get two of these shampoo bars sent straight to their home. I’ll ship anywhere in the world, so everyone is free to enter. To see the full recipe … Continue reading