How to Make Goat’s Milk Soap From Grocery Store Items

How to Make Goat's Milk Soap Using Oils and Canned Goat's Milk from the Grocery Store

This recipe uses common oils and canned goat’s milk from the grocery store to make a wonderfully creamy soap that costs around $1.50 per bar to make! (See below for the full price breakdown.) I most often buy lye from my local Tractor Supply Store, but you can also order some HERE from Amazon. All measurements are by weight. You must use a digital scale to make soap at home. If you’ve not made milk … Continue reading

Naturally Colored Deviled Eggs

Naturally Colored Deviled Eggs

With Easter right around the corner, I thought I’d revisit an article I first wrote for the March/April 2014 issue of Hobby Farm Home magazine, on how to make naturally colored deviled eggs. For many families, spring marks the time to gather together and observe special holidays and occasions. Each year, my brothers and sisters and I flock to my mom and dad’s house where we enjoy a fun-filled Easter celebration with a giant egg … Continue reading

Garlic Ear Oil (for humans & their pets)

Garlic Ear Oil (for humans & their pets)

I’ve recently been working on an article about herbal remedies for aging dogs – at the request of several readers and also because I too have a dog in his golden years.  While writing, I realized that I haven’t shared a recipe yet for one of my go-to pet (and human) basics: garlic ear oil. This oil can be used for humans, dogs, cats, horses, goats and other mammals. It can also be used to … Continue reading

Lavender Hand Cream Recipe

Lavender Hand & Body Cream

This luxurious hand and body cream features: shea butter, to moisturize and condition dry or damaged skin lavender flowers, for their soothing, anti-inflammatory properties skin nourishing sunflower oil and purple Brazilian clay, a natural colorant. It was inspired by the wonderful whipped body butter recipe, found over at the Soap Queen blog.   Lavender Hand Cream Recipe Measurements are by weight. 7 oz (198 g) shea butter (I use refined from HERE) 2 1/2 oz … Continue reading

10 Herbs To Grow In A Natural Remedies Garden

10 Herbs to Grow in a Natural Remedies Garden

Below are ten of my favorite plants to grow for crafting herbal remedies and homemade body care products. This is not an exhaustive list; there are so many other wonderful herbs and flowers out there to explore! However, if you’re just starting out and looking for some relatively easy-to-grow plants with a wide variety of uses, then this should be a great place to start. If you’re unable to garden where you live, check your … Continue reading

How to Make a Lotion for Leg Cramps & Growing Pains

Leg Cramp Lotion

This lotion recipe came about as a solution to the growing pains my kids develop from time to time. I borrowed the arnica and comfrey infused oil from my Aches & Pains balm recipe (which works wonderfully on leg cramps too, but is geared more for adults, due to the high essential oil content.) The magnesium oil part came into play after a talk with our naturopath. My son had been experiencing new-to-him back pain … Continue reading

My No-Cost Grow Lights

My No Cost Grow Lights for Starting Seeds

Today, I want to share how I start herb, veggie and flower seedlings for my garden, without a fancy grow light system. Before I get into the details, I want to say a big “THANK YOU” for all of your help in filling out my survey the other week! I was so happy to learn that the overwhelming majority of you do want to hear more about my nerdy farm life and all of its … Continue reading

I Need Your Help!

sage, pine & mint

I’ve spent the last few weeks plotting, planning, and making lists for the new year. Lots and lots of project idea lists! The problem is, I’ve got so many ideas, I’m not sure where to start. I could really use your help! I’ve set up a short survey, with just a few questions. If you get a chance to hop over and take it really quick, I would appreciate it so much. As a bonus, … Continue reading

Hot Process Oatmeal Honey Soap (Crock Pot Method)

Homemade Oatmeal & Honey Soap Hot Process Method

(You can find a cold process recipe for Oatmeal & Honey soap HERE.) This classic, gentle soap contains finely ground oatmeal and raw honey. Its creamy mildness makes it perfect for everyday use by those with sensitive skin. By cooking soap in a crock pot (hot process method), you’ll bypass the several weeks of waiting time that cold process recipes usually require and can use your homemade soap right away! Hot Process Oatmeal Honey Soap: … Continue reading