Mint Chocolate Lip Balm

Minto Chocolate Lip Balm Recipe

This yummy lip balm is flavored with peppermint essential oil and real chocolate chips. It makes a great last minute stocking stuffer too! (Which is especially helpful if you’re the world’s worst procrastinator like me – who hasn’t made a single Christmas gift yet. Eep!) You can find the recipe right HERE at If you need help making labels, THIS POST might prove useful: You may also like: Peppermint Rose Lip Balm | Cold … Continue reading

Milk Chocolate Mint Soap Recipe

Milk Chocolate Mint Soap Recipe

This recipe builds upon my milk soap making tutorial, which you can find HERE. With a few simple tweaks, you can turn a plain, unscented bar into a deliciously scented milk chocolate mint soap! (PS: That soapstone soap dish in the picture was made for me by my friend Mark. He has an Etsy shop HERE and can custom make all sorts of things for you!) To make this, you’ll need: 22 ounces olive oil … Continue reading

Soap Recipes Resource

herbal soap

If you enjoy making soap, I think you will LOVE Adriana’s web site: SoapRecipes101! The photos are gorgeous and the recipes are creative and inspiring. Have you ever wondered about adding beeswax to soap? (I get that question a lot!) Her Beeswax Soap Recipe gives lots of tips, along with a great palm free recipe. Another favorite of mine is this French Rose Clay Soap. It’s so pretty! Check out the recipe page, HERE, to … Continue reading

Coconut Honey Balm

coconut honey balm

This simple balm contains just three ingredients and is perfect for soothing dry, scraped, or irritated skin. It’s gentle and safe enough to use on all of your family members, including the dog! You can read the full recipe HERE at You may also like: Dandelion Lotion Bars | Aloe Rose Anti-Aging Cream | Boo Boo Balm       

Calendula Lotion Bars

Calendula Lotion Bars are easy to make, are perfect for treating dry/cracked skin, and make wonderful gifts too!

Lotion bars are an exceptional treatment for dry, cracked skin and make wonderful gifts for those you love. The basic recipe requires only three ingredients, and is super simple to whip together. If you can melt chocolate, you can make lotion bars! For this recipe, the oil portion is infused with calendula flowers for extra skin healing power. You can resize the recipe by increasing or reducing the amounts as you wish, keeping in mind … Continue reading

Honey Soft Hands Scrub

DIY Honey Soft Hands Scrub

This homemade scrub will leave your hands soft and silky feeling! To make Honey Soft Hands Scrub: You’ll need just a few items,  which should be found at your local grocery store: 1/4 cup coarse sea salt 1 1/2 tablespoons softened coconut oil 1 1/2 tablespoons liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) 1 teaspoon honey Mix all of the ingredients together, until thoroughly blended. If you’d like, you can add a drop or two of … Continue reading

Herbal Class Giveaway

Win a full scholarship to the Online Introductory Herbal Course

This contest is over. However, the 15% off coupon code FARMWIFE is still good until November 9, 2014! Several times in the past, I’ve mentioned the online classes at the Herbal Academy of New England. Two of my most popular recipes even came from their course materials: Drawing Salve and Sore Muscles Soak.   Today, I’m so excited to let you know that they’re generously awarding one (1) of my lucky readers a full/free scholarship … Continue reading

How To Make Soap With Milk

How to Make Milk Soap From Scratch (Palm Free)

My first soap making ebook (Natural Soap Making: Cold Process Basics & Recipes) has been a huge success! I appreciate all of the purchases, support, and kind comments about the content you’ve sent my way! The plan was to write a followup book on making soaps with milk, but… writing such a book along with creating/making/fine-tuning/photographing recipes takes a tremendous chunk of time, which I need to focus elsewhere right now. Instead, I thought I’d … Continue reading

DIY Cayenne Salve For Pain Relief

Cayenne Salve for Pain Relief

Capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers, has traditionally been used to treat pain associated with arthritis, shingles, psoriasis, strained muscles, rheumatoid arthritis, backache and diabetic neuropathy. While you can find a variety of topical capsaicin gels, creams and lotions at your local drugstore, it’s simple and more cost-effective to make your own version at home. For the recipe, hop over to the rest of my article at! You may also like: Aches & … Continue reading