How to Make Dandelion Lotion Bars

Learn how to turn the common dandelions in your backyard into these super soothing lotion bars for dry, cracked, and damaged hands!

Dandelion Lotion Bars
This DIY lotion bar recipe features dandelion flowers, noted for their ability to soothe and heal chapped, dry, and cracked skin.

I originally made these lotion bars for my husband. His primary job is as a rock mason and the mortar and rough stone often leaves his hands dry, cracked, and bleeding. At night, I put salve on them, and while that helped a lot, it just wasn’t enough.

Lotion bars have a long history of helping the toughest cases of cracked, dry skin, while dandelion oil is particularly useful for alleviating the chapped skin and soreness that comes along with manual labor.

This combination has been excellent for his skin. He rubs the bar over his hands several times while watching TV each evening. There’s no messy salve to deal with and he can use it on the spots that are most bothering him.

Step 1: Make the Dandelion Infused Oil

To make these you’ll need to first make a dandelion flower infused oil. Right now, my back yard is filled with dandelions, so I’ve been making up large batches of oil to use for projects throughout the rest of the year.

Other dandelion projects include salves, soaps, lotions, and more! Find more dandelion recipes in:

12+ Things to Make With Dandelion Flowers

With proper storage in a cool, dark place, the infused oil should be good for around 9 months to a year.

Gather flowers from places that haven’t been sprayed with chemicals or used as a bathroom site for your pets. Dandelions often have bugs or ants on them, so let the container sit outside for a few hours before bringing in.

I do not rinse dandelion flowers before drying – just be careful not to pick any with dirt or sand on them. Rinsing can add extra water content, making them more difficult to dry.

They’re a pretty important food source for several little critters this time of year, so don’t pick any one area clean; for every 1 dandelion you pick, leave 2 or 3 behind.

For those who are worried about hurting honeybees by picking even just one dandelion – contrary to popular belief, there are better food sources for them. The bees from our hives are far busier with tree pollen this time of year! You can also run grab dandelions before they get ran over by a lawn mower. (Which is what I always do too!) :)

Since dandelions have a high water content, let the flowers completely dry for a few days before infusing in oil to avoid potential mold and bacterial contamination.

Drying Dandelions

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Instructions to Make the Dandelion Oil

  1. Spread the dandelions out on a clean dishtowel or paper towels in a single layer to air dry.
  2. Fill a canning jar halfway with dandelions and dandelion petals, then fill the rest of the way up with oil. I like using sunflower oil since it’s especially helpful for damaged skin. You can also use olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado, hemp, rice bran, and other such carrier oils.
dandelion oil

For a faster infusion:

Set the oil and dandelion filled jar down into a pan of gently warmed water. Let the jar stay in the heated water, with the burner set to low, for a few hours then remove, cool, and strain. Keep a close eye on things to make sure the oil doesn’t overheat.

For the longer method:

Cover the glass jar and set in a warm place for about four weeks before pouring through a strainer. A sunny windowsill works well.

(NOTE: While dandelion infused oil is wonderful for making your own DIY body care projects, it’s not meant to be used as a food source or for cooking purposes.)

For more details about making the oil, check out my article on making Dandelion Salve.

Once your oil is finished, you’re ready to make your dandelion lotion bars! They are super simple to make. If you can melt chocolate, you can make these.




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Here’s a video of me making a batch of dandelion lotion bars!

(Sometimes an ad plays first, but the video will play right after! If you have an adblocker, the video might not be visible.)

Step 2: Make the Dandelion Lotion Bars

I usually make a batch using 1/4 cup of each ingredient, but you can size it however you like. (Just keep pretty equal ratios of beeswax, shea or mango butter, and dandelion oil.)

That amount will fill almost two dozen small (one-inch) hearts or several larger sized shapes. For molds, you can use candy molds, silicone molds, or even canning lids (as shown below.)

  1. Measure out the beeswax, shea butter, and dandelion oil into a canning jar or heatproof container. I use a recycled tin can for this project for ease of cleanup.
  2. Set the container of ingredients down into a pan containing an inch or two of almost simmering water, creating a makeshift double boiler.
  3. Allow the water to indirectly heat the contents until the beeswax is melted. Overheated shea butter can get grainy, so keep a close eye on the mixture and remove from heat as soon as it appears melted.
  4. Optional: add a few drops of lavender or other skin safe essential oil, but I often just leave these plain. Feel free to stir in your own favorite essential oil instead of lavender.
  5. If the lotion bar turns out too hard or too soft for your tastes – that’s no problem! Just remelt them and add more oil to make a softer bar, and more wax to make a harder lotion bar.
canning lid mold

For my husband, I make rounds that fit perfectly in his hand, using a canning lid as a mold. Just set a canning lid with ring down on a sheet of waxed paper and pour the hot lotion bar mixture into it. Let it completely set up and cool, but not for too long, before turning upside down and pushing it out. Smooth the edges with your finger.

You can store smaller sizes in a jar or tins out of direct heat and hot areas. Whenever your skin feels dry or rough, just rub the bar over your skin. The heat of your body will melt it just enough to leave a light moisturizing layer that absorbs in much quicker than a salve does.

How to make dandelion lotion bars to soothe rough skin and sore hands.
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        1. Hi Sarah! Vegetable glycerin has very different properties than shea butter, so won’t substitute well in this recipe. If you have a different kind of butter you can use – like mango, avocado, cocoa or kokum, those could work well instead of the shea.

  1. I love this. I make dandy lion jelly, but have not used them in lotion bars before – will have to give it a try.
    Thank you for another great post.

  2. I know you love dandelions, Jan, but I, admittedly, have been a ‘non-believer’ until very recently (I’m one of those people who regularly mows down these ‘weeds’). My viewpoint changed, however, when Carolyn (‘The Other Farmer’) mixed individual dandelion heads in panko bread crumbs and fried them up for dinner. Delicious! Now my mind is open to other possibilities! Thanks, as always, for sharing.

    1. That does sound delicious! I’ll admit the fair share gets mowed here too, but it sure is nice being able to put some of our bounty to good use! :)

    2. When I was very young I lived with my grandmother, she would cut the dandelion leaves when they were very young (before flowering) wash them up and serve as a salad with hot bacon grease poured over them, I imagine we could come up with something besides the bacon grease. This was one of the very first fresh foods of the spring.

  3. Hi – love your recipe and want to give it a try. however, I find I am very sensitive to the scents of both shea and mango butter (more the shea). Are there any other butters you would recommend trying? Thanks!

  4. Wow! I love these. I’m no stone mason, but my hands are kinda chapped, I’m excited to whip up a batch!

      1. Just let me know if you want to pin there – pretty much everything on your Fun for the Kids and Homeschool would be appropriate, and all your fun herbal posts. Is that Herbalism board yours? I would love to join that board, if you’re not opposed. The Non Toxic and Natural one would be great, too! My pin name is HomesteadLady. Cheers! BTW, have you heard of The Homestead Bloggers Network? You would be a great fit!

        1. Thanks! :) I have indeed heard of the Homestead Bloggers network – it seems like a lot of my favorite bloggers are there. I just get hung up on the having to sign a form to join, but otherwise it does sound great!

  5. Jan, what a wonderful idea! DDs and I picked as many dandelions as we could before the menfolk mowed. I made these lovely little lotion bars and can NOT keep my hands off them. I smooth them on my lips, too. The color and texture are wonderful. THANK you for this recipe and thank you so much for your generous sharing! God bless.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you like the lotion bars! That’s a great idea to use them on your lips too!

  6. Thank you for this amazing recipe! My husband also has very roughened “work hands,” and these bars actually helped immediately! I think over time, he will not have the cracks he has now! I am so glad I found your website!

  7. I had *no idea* that you could do this with dandelions! I’m so excited to give this a try! :)

  8. Looking forward to trying this recipe. I’m a registered nurse and the constant washing and using hand sanitizer is very hard on my skin. Thanks so much!

    1. I have made these and they are wonderful, I am also a nurse who works in the OR. Constant washing of hands is rough, I carry a pod in a container in my pocket to use, most likely not approved by hospital but my hands are happy

  9. I have made lotion bars before (and they looked very like yours – I think we may have the same heart molds) but I have never used dandelions in this way before. It sounds neat!

    1. Hi Abbi, It’s always fun to find new twists on things! :) Dandelion flower oil can be used in all sorts of body care products – it’s great stuff!

      1. My dandelions have been drying for two days and today I will be adding them to a jar with an oil. Since the jar will be covered with cheese cloth for allowing extra moisture to escape, I assume not having the oil in an air tight container won’t affect the oil? And no need to shake the jar occasionally? Thank you!

        1. Hi Pamela! Unless you are 100% sure your flowers are completely dry, it’s better for the jar not to be airtight, so you are exactly right. If you remember to, you can occasionally stir the oil, but to be honest – I usually make up an oil, stick it on a shelf and just forget about it for weeks. It’s a pretty forgiving process with lots of room for variations in method. :)

  10. I had aphids on my dandelions. I tried to knock them off, and then let my flowers sit for a few hours. They closed up, so I threw them away!! I’m kicking myself now! Especially after I read you let them dry a day or two! Now to find some more flowers!!

    1. Oh dear! At least the good thing about dandelions is that they keep coming back! :) Even after the first spring flush of them fades out, you can pick a couple per day and let them dry until you get enough to make your project.

  11. oooh, these look awesome! i make a salve for my son’s bum, and my husband has ridiculously chapped hands from…the coffee shops he works at! you wouldn’t believe it, but they get so bad, and then coffee grounds get in, and his hands are so rough and sore. i ‘made’ chocolates this easter, so this sounds like fun! yay! :)

    1. Wow, I didn’t realize that about coffee shops – ouch! I hope that you all find the recipe helpful! :)

  12. Thank you for the inspiration :-)
    I made salves with calendula and comfrey, now it’s time for dandelion (there are a lot around)

    Hugs from Poland (EU) :-)

  13. Can melted beeswax candles be used in you dandelion flower salve recipe?

    1. Hi Louisa, If you’re 100% sure that they’re beeswax only, you could probably do so in a pinch. If they have any added colors or scents though, then I would avoid using them.

  14. This is such a neat idea, my Grandma used to make Dandelion wine, and said it was good and a healthy wine,

  15. Dandelion lotion bars…what a grand idea! One person’s weed is another person’s garden. Thanks for sharing:)

  16. this is awsome, would it be good for very dry skin,a substitute to a body lotion?

    1. Hi Michele, I have dry skin, especially in the winter, and I find lotion bars really soothing. Plus they’re easier to apply than lotion; you can kind of spot apply them. On the flip side, I like my homemade lotions & creams too! :) But as far as healing my hubby’s extremely dried out hands – these have done more to help than anything I’ve tried to date.

  17. Can you use jasmine instead of dandelion can you make the oil the same way?

  18. Sounds great. Would this work for eczema too? Any suggestions of other plants/flowers/herbs/oils to add for this purpose?

    1. Yes, dandelion would be great to try on eczema. Some other ideas for infusing would be: calendula flowers, plantain & violet leaves. Tamanu oil is also excellent for clearing up skin conditions.

  19. Hi! I was wondering if I could put my dandelions in a dehydrator and dry them out that way so they will last longer? There’s a TON of dandelions in my moms yard and I want to take advantage of them all! I just don’t have the money to get the beeswax and oil and such :)

    1. Hi Katie, You could do that, though I’m not sure how much heat would affect their properties. You might want to just air dry. I notice that no herbal place (that I’ve found) sells the dried flowers and most traditional herbal recipes call to use them fresh. I have no scientific data either way though and find that ones I’ve dried for several weeks, still make an excellent product, so that’s what I go on!

  20. i make my own lotion also…i may try dandelion oil…luckily we are coming right up on dandelion time.

    i like the idea of the bar…i already put my salve in a chapstick container (would work for you stuff too…nice purse/pocket container)…maybe i will try a mini batch of my stuff with your proportions and dandelions.

    1. Yes, lotion bars are great in tube form too! I think you’ll like the dandelion oil and find lots of uses for it in your favorite recipes!

  21. Id put the jar in my crock pot instead of on the stove for a few hours.

  22. I was curious to find out where you buy shea butter or mango butter. Is it the same as shea butter hand lotion that they sell in the stores?

    1. Hi Judy! I buy my butters from or I’ve looked in my local stores but have only found the lotions you mentioned – unfortunately, they have a lot of extra additives that won’t work in this recipe. You want 100% shea or mango butter.

  23. I just got started making a batch of Dandelion Honey today! Growing quite fond of the little blooms, I must say. I was wondering though, would soy wax be a usable alternative? I can’t use beeswax because I’m a Vegan, hence the Dandelion honey, lol.

    1. Hi Jessica! I’ve not worked with soy wax, but have substituted beeswax with candelilla wax before. You can get it at Start off by trying about half as much candelilla as the recipe calls for beeswax. (i.e. if recipe needs 8 tablespoons beeswax, use 4 tablespoons candelilla.) You can also try sunflower wax, which I’ve worked with only a small bit. (But, it was very nice.) For that, start off by testing 1/4 as much as a recipe calls for beeswax (i.e. if recipe calls for 8 tablespoons beeswax, use 2 tablespoons sunflower wax.) These are just rough starting points, you’ll want to make small test batches to find that sweet spot you’re looking for!

  24. Is there something in the dandelions that is healing to the skin? Or is it the other ingredients ?

    1. Hi Kathi, Traditionally, dandelion flowers have been used to treat sore muscles and rough skin. There’s something in them that really does help both conditions. If you can’t get dandelions though, you could also try calendula flowers, plantain or violet leaves. Tamanu oil and rosehip seed oil are also great skin healers and could be used for the oil portion of the recipe.

  25. I would never have thought of using a mason jar lid as a mold but it’s a perfect idea . Just pop the lid out of the ring , that way there is no damage to your product . Look forward to more ideas like this .

  26. About how many mason jar size bars would you get from a pound of was and Shea butter? Trying to grasp the cost to make for gifts.

    1. Hi Cheri, I just weighed my last canning lid lotion bar on hand & it’s .6 ounces after being used quite a bit. So, if one bar weighed up to an ounce (just a guess though, they’re probably a bit under that) then… one pound each of wax/shea/oil would make… about 48 round bars?? Math is not my strong point, so you’d want to double check those numbers and keep in mind it’s a very rough estimate.

      1. Thanks. Sounds like reasonable ball park math. Out to do some exploring the resources.

  27. Is there an advantage to letting the oil sit for 4 weeks rather than warming it up? I am looking forward to making these with the garden season upon us!

    1. Either way works! I make my initial batch by warming the oil, since I’m always anxious to use it right away, but for later batches, I usually just let them wait out the 4+ weeks.

  28. What a fabulous idea! I’m featuring these on my blog and my Facebook page today :)
    Juggling Act Mama

  29. Hello, thank you for sharing this fantastic idea! I’m wondering if you have an idea of the shelf life of these bars? My family has a “Homemade Christmas” rule and I would love to make these for my hard working homesteading parents but due to the oil content am not sure if they would be okay sitting for six months or so. Maybe they could be frozen?

    1. I would actually just make up the oil now and keep it in a cool, dark place and then make the lotion bars later, near Christmas. I used dandelion oil made last May, to make salves up this past December and it worked perfectly that way. Just make sure your dandelions are completely dry before infusing the oil, so no moisture content could cause potential early spoilage & you should be good to go!

  30. Can you use candle wax instead of beeswax? Where I live, it’s kinda hard to find beeswax anywhere…

    1. Hi Somebody, I’m just not familiar enough with candle wax to know the answer to this. I would check with the wax manufacturer and see if they think it’s safe for use on skin.

  31. If there is an Orthodox Church nearby, go and ask if they would mind you recycling the beeswax candles that the parishioners light before the service. Our church just gave me a whole box full that they were going to throw out. They are 3-4 inches long, and I can melt them down and remove the wicks.

  32. I threw my dandys in the dehydrator to make sure I got all the water out and now they are white! Can I still use them to infuse?

    1. hmmm… that’s a good question that I’m not sure of. Sometimes, a few of my dandelion blossoms turn to white fluff when dried & I just toss them in with the rest. If they all are though, sounds like they might have been in too long. I generally air dry herbs & flowers and save my dehydrator for fruits & veggies. (but not always!) Maybe next batch, you could air dry some and compare the outcomes.

    1. Hi Sarah, That’s a good question, but I’m not sure of the answer. You want something with a bit of flex to it, or has a way to push the bar out (like with the canning lid setup.) If you test it out, we would love to know how it worked! :)

  33. I picked a pile of dandelions this weekend and can’t wait to make this wonderful little lotion bars. I’ve noticed that many of my formerly-yellow dandelions are turning fluffy, like they are going to seed. I didn’t pick them this way! :) I won’t be infusing those, but do you know of any trick to identify the youngest (freshest) dandelion blossoms so I don’t do this again? Thank you!
    I wanted to say thanks, too, for sharing all these fantastic projects on your blog and newsletter – I am a new soapmaker and have been having so much fun reading through all your botanical posts!

    1. Hi Leslie, I wish I knew the secret, but sometimes they do that to me too. You can mix a few fluffy ones in with the regular ones though, no problem! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy the soap making posts! :)

  34. Thanks for sharing your beautiful but informative posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Do you know that on our farm, I STILL haven’t seen any dandelion!!! It seems almost impossible but tis true! And with all your wonderful projects, it breaks the heart! But I will keep my eyes peeled…

  35. Just wondering if this would help my husband. He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns a few years ago and even though they have healed, he still has issues with dry itchy spots where the burns were.

    1. It’s definitely worth a shot! I’ve heard some great stories about how dandelion oil/salve/lotion bars has been helping out all sorts of skin conditions! Two other oils that might help him are tamanu oil or rosehip seed oil. Both are great for scarred and damaged skin.

  36. Hi Jan,

    First, let me say that I just stumbled upon your blog site and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I’ve never had a lot of experience with gardening but am learning by trial and error. My dream is to one day (many years from now) have a beautiful English garden where I can spend hours planting, harvesting and just being happy! Now, to my question: We have a wonderful dog who enjoys the entire yard. He especially enjoys watering the dandelions;) Can I wash my dandelions thoroughly to ensure they are clean, and just dry them out a little longer for the recipes you have listed?
    Thank you! C:)

    1. Hi Cindy, I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the blog! Yes, you can wash your dandelions to be certain they are free from anything you don’t want, dry them out, and then continue on creating lots of goodies with them. :)

  37. I was planning on making these for my son who has eczema but was going to use coconut oil instead since I found out that Coconut Oil is recommended for the condition. Would the measurements be the same as with mango or shea butter?

    1. Hi Lisa, You would actually use the coconut oil instead of liquid oil, since it melts so readily at body temperature. If you use it instead of shea/mango/cocoa butter then the bars will be too soft. Unless…. you might be able to add more beeswax to firm them up again, but that’s something I haven’t experimented with to know the proper amounts. (In theory though, it should work!) Some people have great luck with coconut oil, while others find it leaves their skin more red and chapped. I hope it helps him!

  38. I made these for the first time today, and they were so easy and turned out LOVELY! I’m very pleased with them. I used mango butter instead of Shea butter, just because.

  39. Stopping by to update you a bit. I made the lotion bars with the coconut oil instead of the shea butter. At first they were far too soft. So I remelted them and added more beeswax. I think I got the proportions right that time. I gave one to my son and his girlfriend liked it so much I gave one to her to try out. So far so good. I also gave one to my mother to try as she gets horribly dry skin but cannot use many lotions due to sensitive skin. She told me today that she has used it almost every day on the worst patches of dry skin and there has been no bad reactions and her skin is softening and healing! So success! I will tweak the recipe a little though as they still get a bit softer than I like. But so far the response as been great!

    1. That’s wonderful Lisa! With the warmer weather, they may need a bit more beeswax plus if you live in a really hot area, you might want to use some carnauba or candelilla wax for part of the beeswax. Since they have higher melting points, they’ll keep things firm a little longer.

  40. hey jan was going to make some lotion bars can i use grapeseed oil to infuse my dandeloins

    1. Hi Lisa, You sure can! You can use other oils too – like violet leaf or chamomile. The recipe is really flexible!

  41. Thought I would drop a note to you. I had made the bars with coconut oil instead of shea butter. I did make a batch later with shea butter. I use the softer ones with the cocinut oil for lip balm and it works great! Also the ones with shea butter my husband loved when he found out by accident that they made mosquito bites stop itching!! I plan on making more as gifts (both versions)

  42. Hi, I was wondering if you remember where you got your mold for the heart, I’ve been looking for a good one to use for lotions or soaps.

    1. Hi Sydney! I think I got it from a display I saw at Wal-Mart one Valentines season. I had two, but tried running one through the dishwasher (that was a mistake as it got all distorted!)

  43. Hi! Love this recipe! Only problem is we don’t really have dandelions in Florida (I know some would think I am crazy to want them!) Has anyone seen anywhere you can purchase the dried flowers? I would really like to make these! TIA!

    1. Hi Marie, I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have dandelions around! So far, I have yet to find anyone that carries dried dandelion flowers. I have a feeling it’s because they seem to have a shorter shelf life than other herbs. (They’re best used freshly dried and over a few months, they lose color and I suspect potency.) If I ever find a place that carries them, even seasonally, I’ll be sure to pass it along! (Another idea too, is to try calendula flowers in this recipe. They turn out lovely too!)

      1. Thank you for the reply! I wasn’t able to find any either with Google searching. probably for the reasons you suggested. Funny most find them a problem and I am looking for them, lol! One of the posts I did find said if found in FL they are not real dandelions. But I did find calendula on line so going to try that. Thank you for the recipe and info!

        1. That is funny! I have a relative whose neighbors thinks she’s crazy because she’d go get their dandelion seed heads from their yards before they mowed, so she could shake them into her lawn. (She REALLY likes my dandelion soap & wanted to keep me well supplied.) :) I’m glad you found some calendula to try!

  44. Jan, wonderful idea! I used to make/sell soap, balms, lotion etc but have been away from it for many years; I find I miss it. I didn’t know you could use dandilions, but I’m curious why you don’t have to dry dandelions longer like you do with calendula? Do dandilions not cause spoilage the same; not as much water content?
    Could you use coconut oil instead of Shea? I am allergic to Shea and don’t really care for mango.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Dorcas! I still make sure that the dandelions are dry (or almost dry), but some herbalists think they’re more effective when infused completely fresh. This is my middle ground solution – they’re not too fresh to cause spoilage issues, but haven’t been dried and sitting around too long to lose effectiveness. From personal use and lots of feedback, it seems to work out well that way! :)

  45. Sorry Jan. I was so interested and wanted to ask about coconut I didn’t read all 150 replies!! I see the coconut question responded to ☺️

        1. Hi Meg! I wouldn’t let them lick anything with essential oil in it. If the bar is unscented and the dog accidentally licks it, then I don’t believe I spot anything that would bother them. (Assuming no essential oils.) I had a dog who tried to lick shea, mango, cocoa butters off me and also tried to get into containers of those butters. She just got super excited about the smell! :)

  46. My comment is actually a question. And I’m a total ditz here but… I would love to make soap and lotions. Question is… beeswax, is this the same bees wax used for making candles? I’m sure it’s a silly question. But I want to be sure.


    1. Hi Sandy! That’s a great question that I bet a lot of people have. I sure didn’t know the difference at first either. :) Beeswax for making crafts is the same as beeswax for candles. (As long as both are 100% beeswax and no other odd fillers or colorants that might not be okay on your skin.)

  47. I’m such a noob. Where can I get bees wax and Shea butter to make this? I’m excited to try it.

    1. Hi Safina, I’m glad you’re excited to try them out! You can get beeswax and shea butter from a variety of online places – I’d check out or or even I hope you enjoy your lotion bars! :)

  48. If this bar was made with coconut oil, would it work for using to shave my legs? I am using just cocnut oil now, but it is kind of messy in the shower.

    1. Hi Debbie! I think you could work up a bath melt of sorts for the same purpose. Perhaps use a hard butter like cocoa butter & dandelion infused coconut oil, melt them together then pour in little molds. (Skip the beeswax, it’d be bad for your drains.) The warmth of the shower should soften them enough to rub onto your legs. I like that idea – thanks for sharing it with us! I’ll have to experiment with that too!

  49. I have a probably dumb question.. I would love to try making this but as I am looking at the Mountain Rose site, I am wondering how much I should order to make at the most one batch of the dandelion lotion? I’ve never made anything like this but this sounds perfect for my overly dry skin. I knit and the yarns just dry my hands even more, I truly want to try making this. Thanks in advance for your reply

    1. Hi Marianne! You don’t need much at all to make a batch of lotion bars. I just did a quick weight check and 1/4 cup of mango butter is about 1.5 ounces and 1/4 cup beeswax is about .8 oz. So, you only need the smallest package of everything. I hope you find them as helpful for your hands as our family has!

  50. Thank you!!! I”ve placed my order and am gathering the flowers… LOL. just had a few days of rain and they are popping up everywhere!!!
    Thank you so very much!!

  51. I’m in the process of collecting my dandelions. Is it ok for them to dry more than 2 days? Because I just do not have enough right. ha!

    1. Hi Sandy, You sure can! I sometimes let them dry for a couple of weeks, when it’s later in the season and only a few at a time are popping up.

      1. Hello! I was drying mine and they turned into pretty puff balls after two days. Besides growing more dandelions, can these still be used in the oil?

        1. Hi Denece, I’d go ahead and get them in oil once you see them start going to seed, but they are still usable! :)

    1. Hi Marian! I use equal parts by volume. In warmer weather, you may want to use a bit less liquid oil if you find they get too soft.

  52. I seriously hope you people put a sign out with these soaps telling guests what they’re made out of (with an alternative soap next to them!), because a lot of people are really allergic to dandelions. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I washed with these!

    1. Hi Natalie, Thanks for your comment – my oldest sister is allergic to dandelions too. It’s always good to tell people the full list of ingredients in something homemade, especially if you know they have allergies, or if you are the person with the severe allergy to something, to check before using any unlabeled product. Thanks for the reminder for us all!

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  54. How do you store the dandelion oil? After the 4wks fo you strain?? And how long does the oil keep?? Thank you.

    1. Hi Halina! After you strain the dandelion oil, pour it into a clean jar and place a lid on it. The oil should keep at least 9 months to a year, in a cool, dark place – like a cabinet or cupboard.

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  56. Thank you for the wonderful resources you provide on this site!! I read your PDF describing how to make the dandelion infused oil. I made a double infusion with almond oil. I put some in a glass roll-on bottle and added a few drops of lavender essential oil. I have been using this on my arthritic knee. I have the pain mostly under control with herbal supplements (turmeric, willowbark and such) but there are times in bed or in the mornings that I feel pain. This little bottle of dandelion infused oil with lavender essential oil relieves my pain almost instantly! Tonight I made these dandelion bars to try!

    1. Hi Anna, I love your idea! I wish I had a roll-on bottle on hand so I could try it right now – I shall have to order one soon! I know that your tip will help others too; thank you for sharing with us!

  57. I love this and I can wait to make some! Was wondering though. Can I dry the dandelions in a food dehydrator on the herb setting for longer storage of the flowers? Do you think a combo of coconut oil and beeswax could be subbed for the Shea butter? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kate, I haven’t tried drying dandelions in a dehydrator yet, but it’s worth a test run! I think you could leave out the shea and put more beeswax. You’d have to tinker around with ratios, but it’s easy enough to remelt any bars that are too soft/hard and keep changing things up until you get just the texture you’re looking for! :)

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  59. Regarding weight vs volume: Since the beeswax and shea butter are solid(ish) and the oil is liguid, how do you calculate equivalent volume?

    1. Hi Kayce! I just use the same measuring cup for everything: beeswax pastilles, oil and the butter – which I just squish in and roughly level off with a knife. It’s a pretty flexible recipe and doesn’t need a lot of precision – you can always remelt and add more oil if they’re too firm or more beeswax if they’re too soft. Here is a recipe that I found that uses weight instead of volume that you might like: You can just use dandelion infused oil place of the plain oil called for in the recipe.

  60. Hello! When your infusing the oil using the fast method, do you use a lid or keep it open?

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  62. Anything for buttercups or daisys ? Have dandelion oil going now. Love the idea of using wildflowers. Do you think you could put dandelion flower on lotion bar and put a little wax on it to keep it in place? .

    1. Hi Sue! Sadly buttercups are toxic – not just to humans, but to dogs, cats & farm critters in general – so I don’t use them in anything. Daisies however, have some interesting skin healing properties, so you can use those in salves. I like your idea of a dandelion flower pressed on with wax! Perhaps if you pressed it first it would hold up well? I’m not sure, but it’s worth a try!

  63. Thank you for your reply. Just wanted to say my 2 goats do not eat buttercups or daisy. They are blooming all over . But no dandelions grow were they are. Really enjoy your sight. My chickens are free range and the best eggs. Sue

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  65. Where can I find beeswax and shea butter?

    I have some beeswax, but not that much…
    and my friend has given me a little bit of shea butter, but where do i find these in large quantities???

    1. Hi Elica! Some good sources include or or I live in a rural area, but we have a couple of stores around (1 health store and 1 Amish type store) that sell those items, so perhaps there’s something like that near you as well.

      1. Ok, thanks Jan. I don’t think I have any stores near me like that, but I might be able to find some at a Vitamin Cottage (would that work?)…

        1. Hi Elica, They might have some or if not, might be able to order you some! I forgot about local farmer’s markets too. There’s often someone there selling honey and they may have beeswax as well.

          1. Hi again, Jan. I don’t know if I will be able to get some, so I am wondering what are some replacements/ substitutes for beeswax and shea butter that are house-hold items?
            Also on the verge of honey, do you know where I can get some honey combs (with honey). I’ve seen then by a natural company, but I didn’t buy some and now I can’t find any that is under 20 dollars. :( Well, thanks for the advice!

  66. i lost this recipe … just found it .. so i have had my dandelion’s in the oil for 3 months .. it’s very clear .. can i still use it to make these lotion bars

  67. I have been saving your recipe and made some last week. My hands were pretty bad from gardening, woodworking, masonary eats. This is the best treatment I have ever used. I am making more today to have at my craft show booth.

  68. Hi Jan,
    How do you make the cute lotion bars into cute little hearts? Where do you find molds like that?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Phoenix! I found those locally a few years ago, around Valentines Day I believe. They’re originally a candy mold. (You can use candy molds, flexible ice trays and other silicone types as long as they’re fairly heatproof.) Check the baking section of local grocery stores and also their holiday sections – especially now, with Valentine’s Day items out, you should be able to find some cute heart-shaped options! Michael’s and other similar type hobby/craft stores usually have a baking/candy section too you can raid for lotion bar molds.

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  73. Hello :) I have used your recipe and just have made my 3rd batch of dandelion bars. I have been giving them away and have gotten very positive feedback… Especially from my husband! He’s not the sort for hand lotion, but he is liking this bar!! A few people are now requesting to purchase them. I wonder if you could give me some counsel on a fair price to charge? Would be very grateful… Thank you . Peace, Michele

    1. Hi Michele! So happy that your husband and friends are enjoying the dandelion lotion bars! They’re a huge favorite around here too. :)
      To price things, first figure out all costs for the ingredients, plus the tins/containers, plus cost of ink/paper for printing labels. (If shipping, don’t forget the envelope, packaging, etc.)
      Most people then take that number and double or triple it to cover the cost of labor, plus taxes if you’re a business.
      You can compare that number to what the going rate is – check Etsy and see the ballpark amount other people are charging.
      This is what dandelion lotion bars are running on there:
      From those figures you gather, you should be able to set a fair price that’s not too high, but still covers your time and expenses. :)

  74. Hi Jan.

    I made the Dandelion salve and gave some to my elderly neighbour to use on his rheumatoid arthritic hand (on which he also had carpal tunnel surgery 18 months ago, and since then hadn’t had much movement and had lots of pain). I saw him a few days later as I pulled into our driveway, where he was waiting for us and waggling his fingers around with a huge grin on his face. Apparently it had immediate and life-changing effects, and he delighted in listing the long-postponed jobs he’d managed to get done, including painting his garden fence! I’ve promised to give his daughter the link to here so that she can keep him stocked in future. :)

    My sister, a nurse with chronic back pain, also had her first pain-free sleep in months after applying the salve, so I’m now making more for her, and my other sister who just had a knee replacement!

    Anyway, I had a quick question. Would the lotion bars, with the addition of the Shea butter, have any affect on the analgesic properties, which we’ve experienced in the salve? I think the lotion bars would be really convenient for my neighbour, and for my own clay-dried hands (I’m a Potter), but don’t want to lessen the benefits.

    Thanks for your great site. Because of you, I’ve discovered my hidden home herbalist, and hope to learn lots more in the future.

    1. Hi Kath, I’m so happy to hear how the dandelion salve is helping your family and neighbors! That’s a great question about the shea butter possibly diluting the benefits. I made the lotions bars to help heal my husbands dry, cracked skin – which they did wonderfully, but have heard as a side affect that it’s helped others with stiff achy hands. Lotion bars are certainly more convenient for many people to use too. I think they’d definitely help your clay-dried hands and you could give a couple to your neighbor to test out. However, I know my dad does best rubbing a salve on, since his hands start out really stiff and drawn up from arthritis where he can barely use them until the salve helps loosen things up. So, I’m not sure how flexible his hands would be to work a lotion bar around. But, it’s worth a try for sure! :)

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  76. Hello there! I just wanted to drop a comment here of appreciation! Due to some genetics on my Dad’s side of the family, he, my sister, and I all have varying cases of Palmoplantar keratoderma. Basically, it’s like having working callouses on the palms of your hands and the bottoms of your feet. My dad’s a retired military redneck, my sister plays Softball, and I just left the military myself, so we’ve all been searching for AGES for something help out our hands and feet (not to mention, my dad’s a bit self-critical about it). We’ve tried everything from lotions to salves with acidic properties, my uncle (who’s also got it) even tried to remove it with a surgical laser! Nothing seems to help! On a creative fling, I decided to try and make these lotion bars of yours, and I can’t BELIEVE how much they’ve helped! It even helps the aches and pains my feet get when the weather changes! Today, I’ll be going out to get more shea butter and beeswax, because Father’s Day is coming up, and thanks to you, I know exactly what to get him!

    From a family struggling with genetic callouses, thank you, thank you SO MUCH!!

    1. Hi Taylor, That’s fantastic to hear that the dandelion lotion bars have helped you out! We’re a huge fan of them here too. I hope that your dad enjoyed them for Father’s Day & they’re helping him as well! :)

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  83. I finally made myself (whipped) dandy butter, salve, and a lotion stick (the ones that look like a Giant chapstick). I have 3-4 ounces of oil left to make something; haven’t decided if I’ll use it to refill my stick or make more butter. It is very dry in Fairbanks where I live and my skin is loving the added moisture. Thanks for sharing the recipe :-)

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  87. After you pick the dandelions, do you just let them sit on paper towels for two weeks to dry? I’m a little excited to try this out, and the idea of waiting weeks is killing me. :) Also, do you use the whole blossom when infusing the oil or just the yellow petals?

    1. Hi Kelly! Yes, I just let them sit on paper towels to dry, though it doesn’t always take two weeks. Depending on how dry your weather is, it might only need a few days of drying. I infuse the whole blossom and occasionally some stems & leaves get thrown in too. It’s a very forgiving recipe. :)
      I hope you enjoy your lotion bars!

  88. Hi Jan,
    I really enjoy your blog, books and just simply adore you and the way you write. I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment and I hope you can help me: for the infusion do you use sunflower oil or sunflower seed oil?
    Plus as the summer heat is upon us (I live in Italy and cannot use your links as simply the co. won’t ship overseas) do you have a suggestion on how to store them without them melting and having a quick and easy way to apply them for kids?
    Thank you in advance for all your help and for simply existing. Keep up the good work, I really look forward to all that you write.

    1. Hi Ana! Thank you so much for the kind words! :) I believe that sunflower oil and sunflower seed oil are likely the same thing, probably with just different naming on the labels.
      When it’s hot out, you can try adding more beeswax to the lotion bars so they don’t get melted so quickly. Also if you have candelilla wax, you can add some to the mix since it has a pretty high melting point.
      For kids, you can also add some extra beeswax and pour the mixture into an empty deodorant container (plug any holes in the bottom first so it won’t leak.) Then you could make a rub-on stick that might be easier to apply.

  89. Hello, I have been saving this recipe for several years and am finally making these bars this summer. I have a quick question, I’d like to try making the salve the “long” way and am wondering about the glass jars. Can I use an old pickle jar whole lid is not totally air tight or does it need a screw top lid? Thank you. Very excited about this!

    1. Hi Shelley! I’m so happy that you’re getting a chance to try the recipe! It’s still one of my all-time favorites. :)
      Yes, an old pickle jar is great to repurpose for infusions. It doesn’t have to be air-tight, you just want it to keep flies and dust out. I hope that you enjoy your lotion bars!

  90. Do the dandelions need to be “clean?”
    There are hundreds of dandelions all over my property, but the dogs are also all over the property taking care of their business wherever they please. I wouldn’t want to use soiled flowers in my body care products… Right?

    1. Hi Tiffany! I don’t wash the dandelion flowers, but do thoroughly check the areas that I’m picking from. I can usually tell if a dog or chicken has been through the area, using it as a bathroom spot, so I just avoid those areas and find another spot that looks untouched. :)

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  97. How many days should they dry out? I know you mentioned a few days but how do you know if they are dried enough to safely place in oil?

    1. Hi Lori! About 3 or 4 days should be enough, though it will depend on the size of the dandelion and how damp they were when you picked them. (Rainy or dewy dandelions will take longer to dry.) You can tell by rubbing a pinchful of the dandelions between your fingers. If they still feel moist then they need more time. If they have a slight whisper of a crunchy sound to them and just feel dry, then they’re good to go! :)

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  99. Your blog and books inspire me to create my own products thank you for sharing your knowledge

  100. Hi. Just made my 1st batch of dandelion lotion bars…can not wait to try them. Question…how is the best way to wash and clean up all the lotion coated lids and jar?
    Thanks for the great ideas! Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley! While the jar is still hot, right after pouring, you can take a paper towel or rag and wipe out the inside of the jar. If the jar has already cooled, you can place it back into the saucepan with water to help it gently heat back up and soften/melt what’s stuck to the jar. Wiping the residue off right after pouring will help with cleanup a lot, but I usually keep a couple of jars separately that are just for beeswax projects since it can be hard to get every last speck off. :)

  101. I love this idea but don’t have access to dandelions. We live in town with small yards. Is there another way to get them rather than gathering them myself?

  102. Jan, I have to tell you what an amazing lotion bar this is!! We live on a small farm in Kansas (wind blows all the time). I have 13 geese, 34 ducks and 30 chickens. Doing water for them in the winter is just horrid on my hands!! I just finished making this tonight and wow my hands just soak the lotion up! Even my husband, (who is not a fan of lotion of any kind, because of the smell) I put a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in it and he loves it! I am so thankful I have found your lotion bars!!! I am sure I will have smooth hands again in no time. Again Thank You!!

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