Natural Toothache Remedies

Have a toothache, but can’t be seen by your dentist right away? Try these natural toothache remedies while you wait!

spilanthes flowers, herbal capsules, and goldenseal leaves

The best way to fix a sore tooth is to see your dentist and treat the underlying cause; however, there are sometimes long wait times for appointments, or other times that you just don’t have the money for a visit right away.

For those times, here’s exactly what I use to treat myself and my family.

christopher's x-infx bottle

Top #1 Choice: X-INFX

This is, hands down, the absolutely best thing I’ve found for tooth pain. X-INFX is now one of my can’t-live-without herbal supplements for my family.

A little story…

If you will indulge me a little personal story, I’ll tell you exactly why! :)

Almost two decades ago, I had a bothersome tooth that my old dentist told me would eventually need a root canal, but I couldn’t afford the price and I was also scared of getting a root canal.

After my old dentist retired, I spent years focusing on kids and the basics of life, instead of keeping up with checkups. When my tooth started badly acting up several times a month, I snagged a consultation with a holistic dentist who was amazing at the first visit and knew exactly what the problem was with my tooth AND said she could finally fix it.

However, it took over half a year more to get an actual appointment. About 2 weeks before the scheduled tooth fix, I got a call from the office that the dentist decided to retire and the appointment was cancelled.

To hurry this story along, I went through more waitlists, another dentist who barely looked at my tooth and said they couldn’t fix it, and the pandemic happened where all the dentists were closed for a bit, until I finally got in with an amazing dentist who fixed that tooth with a crown… but the point is, I spent several years total in quite a bit of pain.

At one point, I was so desperate to relieve the pain, that I was seriously considering pulling my own tooth with a pair of pliers. (This is a very bad idea! Don’t do this!!)

Thankfully, common sense prevailed and I decided to do some intense Googling instead, which is where I stumbled upon some reviews of X-INFX.

I immediately ordered some online, opened the bottle the second it arrived and took 2. Then I took 2 that night and 2 again the next morning and by then, my years-long tooth pain melted away.

Once the pain settled down, I found that I could maintain the relief with just one capsule per day for 3 or 4 days, then take a day or two off, then go back to 1 per day for 3 or 4 days, then another day off, etc.

Other Uses

X-INFX also worked for my son when he cracked a tooth and the wisdom tooth beside it. His wonderful dentist saw him the next day, but he still had to wait 8 long months before an oral surgeon could extract the painful teeth. And it has helped other family members with tooth pain or small cavities who couldn’t get in with their dentist right away.

Non-tooth related, we’ve also used it as a natural treatment for sinus infections, earaches, and respiratory congestion.

I even used *tiny* sprinkles of it with an abandoned elderly cat I rescued and was giving hospice care to. It helped her painful mouth enough for her to be able to comfortably eat again and she lived much longer than expected!

goldenseal, marshmallow, black walnut leaves


Christopher’s X-INFX contains: Plantain Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Goldenseal Root, Bugleweed Herb, Marshmallow Root & Lobelia Herb

To buy some, check your local health store or order online. I can’t find it locally, so purchase it from Pure Formulas or iHerb. (The one place I almost never order supplements from is Amazon, because expired and counterfeit items are rampant there.)

Cautions & Who Shouldn’t Use

Do not use during pregnancy, while nursing, or give to small children except as directed by your health care professional.

Please see a dentist for tooth pain, these remedies are intended as a temporary fix until you can get the underlying problem addressed.

I’m not an affiliate or spokesperson for this supplement, and everything I know about it is right here in this article. For more specific questions, check with the manufacturer.

a hand holding a small dish of table salt to make a warm salt water mouth rinse

2. Salt & Warm Water Rinse

This is a classic toothache remedy for good reason – it works!

Salt water rinses help fight pain and infection. Rather than a plain salt water rinse though, I usually add a few drops of spilanthes tincture to the mix. (See #3.)

To make the rinse: Dissolve 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of salt into one cup of very warm water. Swish around your mouth and spit out. Repeat several times a day.

That’s it! An easy and cheap remedy that anyone can try.

spilanthes young plant and flowers for tincture making

3. Spilanthes (Toothache Plant)

I feel like spilanthes is one of those underrated plants that should get a lot more press than it does. If you’re a self-reliant, homesteadery type person, it’s almost a must-have.

It’s super easy to grow spilanthes in your home garden, or even in a pot on a balcony.

Spilanthes has a really cool feature in that it numbs your mouth. You can chew on a flower or leaf and it makes you produce a lot more saliva, and your mouth feels kind of like you had a dose of novacaine.

However, spilanthes is also a powerful antimicrobial that will wipe out bacteria in your mouth, so it’s great if you have some kind of tooth infection brewing. (Do note that it wipes out good bacteria too, so we don’t use it for long stretches at a time.)

Every year, we make up a batch of tincture using fresh spilanthes flowers and leaves, but you can also buy the tincture ready made from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Directions to make the tincture are in this article:

How to Grow & Use Spilanthes (Toothache Plant)

spilanthes flowers, black walnuts, herbal capsules, and goldenseal for toothache remedies

So, those are the top three remedies I use in our house for toothaches!

I’ve tried a lot of different things, but instead of giving you a big long list of things that worked so-so for us, I wanted to share the ones that REALLY worked.

I hope it helps! :)

PS: If you’ve successfully used a natural remedy for severe tooth pain, let us know about it in the comments below. You might help someone else feel better too!

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