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I’ve always been an awkward person, running face first into poles and file cabinets and walls, and tripping over my own two left feet. I even carry a small scar beside my eye where I ran smack dab into a school bus mirror in sixth grade while playing a game of chase. How do you miss a giant yellow school bus right in front of your face?! Well, somehow, I did. (And, yes, I was wearing my glasses!)

I would much rather have stayed inside and read a book, or played Legend of Zelda when I was kid, rather than go outside and enjoy nature. Yet, somehow, I ended up on a seven acre farm full of chickens, ducks, bunnies, goats, turkeys, pigs, honey bees, dogs and one cat, all needing my attention many times a day.

I’m a serial hobbyist with many interests, but this blog has morphed into a place where I share soap making ideas and tips along with herbal recipes and natural DIY body care projects. I’m also especially fond of finding fun uses for weeds and otherwise overlooked plants. Every so often, I share a food recipe or two (but I love to eat much more than I love to cook!)

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