When my son was a toddler, he struggled with eczema and allergies. Commercial bars left his skin dry and irritated, so I wanted to learn how to make all-natural soaps, free from the chemicals and ingredients that bothered him.

The problem was, I didn’t know where to start.

Back then, you couldn’t find many books on the subject, YouTube wasn’t around yet and soap making web sites were few and far between.

The information I did find was sometimes incomplete or went over my head. I didn’t want to read about the history of soap making, or have to wrap my brain around what an iodine value was – I just wanted to jump right into making soap!

So, I did. And my first batch failed. Then the second one did the same. You would think that third time’s the charm, right? Well, no. That one failed too.

It was frustrating and I almost gave up.

Finally, on the fourth go-round I got it right and haven’t looked back since.



Sample Pages From The Complete Natural Soap Making Package

Just the eBook

Provides the basics of creating all natural cold process soaps, plus 35 palm-free soap recipes.

  • Natural Soap Making eBook


The Complete Package

All of the know-how you need to create beautiful natural handmade soaps, 60+ palm free recipes with full color photos & much more:

  • Natural Soap Making eBook
  • Natural Shampoo Bars eBook
  • All-Natural Milk Soaps eBook
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Printable Soap Additives Chart
  • Printable Essential Oils for Soapmaking
  • Helpful List of Soap Supplies Resources
  • Printable Handout "5 Benefits of Handmade Soap"
  • Printable Notebook Cover & Spine 


Colleen Codekas

As a total beginner in the soap making world, I absolutely love this book! Jan takes the scare factor out of it and makes it sound like fun. She breaks everything down into simple terms and has great diagrams that really help me to understand what is going on in the whole process. Plus her recipes with natural and herbal ingredients all sound divine. This will be the book I go to when I make the leap into making my first batch, and will likely return to time and time again.

Colleen Codekas
Grow Forage Cook Ferment
Adriana P.

I love Jan’s all-natural approach to soap making, especially her suggestions on natural colorings and how to work with botanicals and infusions. I really like how she manages to be thorough and yet keep it simple and to the point. This book is perfect for beginners and I only wish I had read it before, when I was first starting out!

Adriana P.
Soap Recipes 101
Larry and Jenn Deane

We were looking to create some unique products for our website visitors, and decided homemade soaps would be a great place to start. Having never made homemade soap, we really had no idea where to begin. We’ve found Jan’s book to be our go-to resource for making soap, and used it step by step through our first few batches, and keep it nearby as a reference whenever we’re making new batches. Jan breaks everything down into easy to understand steps that make the whole process really simple. One thing we really loved was the listing on basic equipment that is needed, her tips really saved us a great deal of money. The tons of recipes she includes are just amazing and smell and feel wonderful! Even our kids love them. If you are wanting to learn how to make your own homemade soap, this is THE book to get.

Larry and Jenn Deane
Blue Ridge Mountain Life

Are these eBooks available in print? No, this is a digital product only.

Do your recipes contain palm oil? Lard or tallow? Coconut oil? All of the recipes in this collection are palm oil free. A few recipes suggest tallow or lard, but a vegan substitute option is also given. The majority of the recipes do call for coconut oil, but in some cases, substitute options are given. (Babassu oil makes a great stand-in for coconut!) You can also ask in the private Facebook group and I’ll be happy to help you reconfigure your recipe without coconut oil.

Are these cold process or hot process soap recipes? The recipes are primarily cold process, though instructions are given to easily convert cold process recipes to hot process. (See page 43 in the Natural Soap Making ebook.)

What about this private Facebook group – will you really be there to answer my soap making questions? Yes, I sure will! I'm very active in the group. Since I'm a work at home mom and homeschool my kids, I can’t be on the computer 24-7. However, I check in frequently and am always happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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