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Before writing please read through this entire page as it includes answers to many of the questions most frequently asked. Our team aims to reply to most emails within 24 hours, but please allow extra time on holidays and weekends. We are not accepting guest posts or sponsored posts/links at this time. Thanks!

AUGUST, 2023: We are currently working on our email system. If you have problems with an order, or don’t receive a reply via the contact form, please email: [email protected] – Thanks!

General Questions

  • If you’ve purchased the Handmade Natural Soaps eBook Collection and/or Handmade Lotions & Creams eBook Collection, feel free to email for help with any recipe in the ebooks/course. Either Jan, or her email manager (an experienced herbalist & soapmaker) will send a reply.
  • The Soapmaking Success Course also has comment areas where you can ask questions and get personalized replies.
  • Jan is unable to offer personalized business advice or develop recipes for your business.
  • Don’t have the ebooks or course? Check out the FAQS section below to get started.
  • If the recipe is from a Nerdy Farm Wife print book, course, or website, we’re happy to help. (Due to volume of email, this may take a day or two.)
  • If the recipe is from another website or book and is not a Nerdy Farm Wife recipe, please ask the original recipe creator.
  • Sorry to hear that’s happening! Sometimes links change when they are moved or updated. Please fill out the Contact Form below and we’ll be happy to send you the most current links.
  • If you have a hotmail, comcast, bellsouth, or outlook email account, they’re associated with email deliverability problems. Try subscribing with a different email provider, such as gmail, if possible.
  • If you haven’t done so already, try searching for the email in your spam, trash, or junk folder, and if you’re using gmail, in your social or promotions tab. If it’s still not there, please use the contact form to let us know and we’re happy to help.
  • To ensure future emails reach you, please whitelist [email protected] and add it to your address book. (Directions on how to whitelist using popular email providers can be found here.)
  • You may have already signed up for the resource pack in the past and forgotten about it. Fill out the contact form and we can send you the files again.
  • Nerdy Farm Wife recipes are created for the casual home hobbyist and are not designed with commercial use in mind. However, you may take a recipe from our websites, print books, and ebooks and adapt it for commercial use, but all recipes are made and used at your own risk. You alone are responsible for product and recipe testing to ensure compatibility and safety for the market. Also, please do not imply that The Nerdy Farm Wife has made or endorsed the product, or use any Nerdy Farm Wife images in your marketing. Check out our article, Selling Handmade Products (FAQS) for more on the subject and best of luck with your business adventures! :) 


  • Please read through the article: What’s Wrong With My Soap? {troubleshooting cold process soap problems} for an extensive list of reasons and solutions for 30+ common cold process soap problems.
  • If that post doesn’t answer your questions, and the recipe is a Nerdy Farm Wife recipe, please send more information through the Contact form below. If it’s not a Nerdy Farm Wife recipe, please ask the original recipe creator for their assistance.
  • Soapmaking is not a get-rich-quick business model. My best advice for new soapmakers is to invest a lot of time into learning the intricacies of soapmaking and making lot and lots of soap for practice. Once you have a strong history of successful batches under your belt, then I suggest exploring the business resources at Modern Soapmaking to get you started in the right direction.  I also have an article on Selling Handmade Products.
  • Yes, you can usually exactly double the recipe as long as you don’t change the types of oils used. In theory, if you use the same ratio of oil to lye, you should get the same results, but little differences can add up! This is more of an issue when you halve a recipe, but to double check the accuracy any time you make changes, it’s good to use a lye calculator to make sure.
  • We recommend using Soapee: or the calculator at Majestic Mountain Sage which is very user friendly:
  • Lye calculators like Soapee have a default water setting of “38% water as % of oils”. Nerdy Farm Wife recipes are usually around 2.1 to 1 water to lye ratio, or closer to 29 to 33% water as % of oils, and usually have a superfat of 5 to 6%.

Product Support

  • Sorry to hear that happened! Please let us know using the Contact Form below and we’ll issue you a full refund for duplicate charge.
  • This most often happens because of three reasons. (1.) It’s possible that you misspelled your email address. (2.) If  you use different addresses for Paypal and email, be sure to check both inboxes. (3.) The emails may be hiding in your spam, trash, or junk folder.
  • To ensure future emails reach you, please whitelist [email protected] and add it to your address book. (Directions on how to whitelist using popular email provider can be found here.)
  • If the emails aren’t in spam, please let us know.

FAQS and Troubleshooting articles from the Nerdy Farm Wife site.

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