Natural Soap Making

I absolutely love hearing from blog readers, but as a one-lady-team, I receive far more emails than time to answer them all.

While I read every email that reaches my inbox, thanks for understanding that I regrettably can’t reply to everyone in a timely manner.

Please use the search bar on my site if you’re looking for information about a particular topic. It’s on the right side of the homepage if you’re on desktop or laptop, or way at the bottom of the homepage if you’re on a mobile or tablet. 

For product support questions about my ebooks or video course you’ve purchased: I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase! If you have technical questions or need your download links again, please send a message to hello @ thenerdyfarmwife .com and it will be answered ASAP.

For soap related questions: Please read through my comprehensive Cold Process Troubleshooting Guide & if your answer isn’t found there, leave your question as a comment on that blog post & I’ll answer it there where everyone can benefit from the question and answer. (Please don’t send soap related questions via email – ask them on that blog post.)

(If you’ve purchased my Natural Soapmaking Ebook Collection and/or Soapmaking Success course, don’t forget the bonus features is a private Facebook support group where you can ask me questions and get a same day response!) :)

For non-soap recipe questions: I’m happy to answer questions about any of the recipes on my blog, or in my ebooks, video course, or print books. If comments are open on the blog post in question, please ask there first since that helps other readers out too. Asking on my Facebook page will probably get you the quickest response.

For health related questions & advice: I’m not a medical professional so I regretfully cannot reply back with health or medical advice. Check with a qualified healthcare provider who is familiar with your medical history.

For information about purchasing soap or other products from me: I’m deeply appreciative of the interest, but I’m just not set up to sell handmade products at this time. Check on for a great selection!

For guest post or link request queries: I prefer to write all of my own content so don’t accept guest post contributions. Absolutely no unsolicited paid or unpaid link requests will be accepted.

For requests about joining my Pinterest group boards: As noted on the board description, these are closed to new contributors.

For promotion or advertising requests: My calendar is booked fairly tightly well into next year. You can send your query, but if you don’t get a reply, know that it’s not the right time or right fit.

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