Essential Oils for Soapmaking Chart

Essential Oils for Soapmaking Chart The Nerdy Farm Wife Blog

Confused about which essential oils can be used when making soap and how much of them you should use?

If so, this chart should help!

It can be downloaded and printed out, so you’ll always have it for easy reference when making soap.

Essential Oils for Soapmaking Chart

The chart lists 24 of my favorite essential oils to use in soap & includes:

  • a brief description of scent
  • a benefit or characteristic of the oil
  • the note (top, middle or base)
  • a few suggestions for other oils it blends well with
  • my preferred usage rate, per pound of oil
  • plus a rough volume/weight conversion if your scale doesn’t measure tiny amounts well


CLICK HERE or on the image above to grab your free chart in pdf format. I hope you find it useful! :)

(If you have trouble opening the link from above, try THIS DROPBOX LINK instead.)


Essential Oils for Soapmaking Chart

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Natural Soap Making eBook

You may also find my Natural Soap Making package helpful – it includes:

  • my Natural Soap Making ebook
  • companion e-guides on Milk Soap Making and Shampoo Bars
  • a printable Soap Making Checklist
  • a Guide to Lining Molds
  • plus a small private Facebook group where you can ask me soap making questions and share photos of your projects!


24 Essential Oils For Soapmaking Chart


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8 Responses to Essential Oils for Soapmaking Chart

  1. HappyHomemaker says:

    Thanks for the chart. I am looking forward to using it! I finally made a batch of Goat Milk soap using your recipe and cannot wait for it to cure so I can try it. I also used your idea of dandelion tea with a batch of my favorite bar.

    I had a couple of questions though, I hope you don’t mind. I have not seen a recipe of yours that uses lard, is this just personal preference? Also, I was wondering about the cooking oils by Lorann. It says it is peppermint oil, but I was wondering if it would work for soap?(I’ve got some leftover from holiday baking and was wondering if it would work)Thanks so much.

    • Hi HappyHomemaker! So glad that you like the chart! I don’t use lard or tallow a lot, but we do raise pastured pigs from time to time & I use the lard from those in soap sometimes. I guess I just naturally prefer working with butters, but lard & tallow are great substitutes for palm oil too & make for great soap! My new print book will have several recipes with lard or tallow in them, with vegetable butter alternatives for those who prefer to stay vegan. :)
      As far as the cooking oils by Lorann – are they the food grade essential oils? If so, and that’s all they contain – just the pure essential oil, it’s possible they might work in soap. (Haven’t tried them to be sure though!) Baking extracts & flavorings (like vanilla or coconut) in general usually have added ingredients that can make your soap act strangely and those scents just don’t stay around in soap.

      • HappyHomemaker says:

        From what I understand, they are pure oil. They are the ones that are used to make hard candy ect… I know for sure they are not extracts. I may have to make a small batch and just give it a try and see what happens :)

        Thanks for the comment on lard. My favorite soap has lard and I love the creaminess, but I haven’t been doing this for long, so I didn’t know if lard bars might go bad early or there was something about lard I didn’t know.

        Thanks for your help!

  2. Beatriz Casas Veiga says:

    My question here is… When you want to use a mix of two our three esential oils by lb of soap you put the quanties of each one by separatly or the total you divide by two ir three… I Hope you understand my question….Thank you

    • Hi Beatriz, That’s a great question!
      Yes, dividing by the amount of oils used is exactly what I do when I want to add more than one oil.
      For example, if I want to add lavender and litsea to a soap with 1 pound of oils, I could take 20 g of lavender divided by 2, to get 10 grams of lavender,
      then 17 grams of litsea divided by 2, to get roughly 8 or 9 grams of litsea.
      That would total:
      10 g lavender
      8 (or 9) g litsea
      in a recipe with 1 pound of oils.
      You can also tweak the ratios around a bit.
      For example if I wanted a much stronger lavender than litsea scent, I might use 2/3 the amount of lavender and 1/3 the amount of litsea, which would be:
      about 13 g lavender
      and about 5 g litsea
      for every 1 pound of oils in the recipe.
      The numbers are just a rough guideline that I use to make sure I keep the amount of essential oils in a conservatively safe range. There is some flexibility with them though, so feel free to adjust a little to suit scent preferences too! :)

  3. Mary says:

    Jan, this chart is most helpful. Thank you for putting it all together and sharing it. This makes MY life easier. Have a blessed day!

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