Soapmaking Success

Become More Confident & Adventurous In Your Soapmaking!

My soapmaking adventure started 16 years ago, when my son was a toddler with really bad allergies and eczema.


He was allergic to every soap available, so I decided to make one he wouldn’t react to.


The first few batches were spectacular fails, but then I got it right and haven’t looked back since!


Whether you’re brand new to the craft, or have several batches under your belt, the Soapmaking Success Course will give you the information you need to confidently create all-natural soaps featuring herbs, flowers, veggies, natural colorants, and essential oils.


You’ll also learn the basics of simple soap design and even how to create your own soap labels, perfect for making your soaps giftable to friends and family.


There’s a comment section in every lesson, so you can ask your soapmaking questions and get help with ingredient substitutions or troubleshooting.


Soapmaking Success is especially ideal for the visual learners who want to focus on using all-natural ingredients.


Join us today and get started on your own successful soapmaking journey!


cucumber loofah soaps
From Lesson 1 : Cucumber Mint Loofah Soaps
I purchased the soap making e-course, which I've been working my way through over the past 6 months. It's very well laid out, instuctions are clear, and the recipes have worked out. It's given me the confidence to add cold process soaps to the skincare products I make.

The Soapmaking Success Course Dives Deeper into Six areas of cold process soapmaking that can seem extra challenging or intimidating to soapmakers.

Lesson 2 Flowers & Herbs


My kids and I are LOVING the soap making course. It's really awesome and makes me so much less afraid of soap!
tERI p.

Course contents

Each lesson will equip you with the information you need to experience further success in your soapmaking endeavors, and provide inspiring recipe videos to demonstrate that lesson's theme.
soap temperature check


This section includes a downloadable guide and video tutorial for those who are brand new to the hobby, If you're a more experienced soapmaker, feel free to head straight to Lesson 1.
round bar of cucumber yogurt soap

Module 1 - Success with fruits & Veggies

Learn the best ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your soap recipes. We'll cover some popular additives such as pumpkin, carrot, and cucumber, along with other unique options including citrus fruits and berries.
plantain salt bars

module 2 - success with flowers & Herbs

Infuse your soaps with the natural goodness of flowers and herbs. Find out which herbs work well in soap, and which ones are better saved for other projects.
coffee and cream soap

Module 3 - success with Alternative liquids

Explore the many alternative liquids that can be use when making soap. Both vegetable-based and animal milks will be covered, along with other interesting options including, but not limited to, kombucha, wine, and apple cider.
soaps colored with natural clays

module 4 - success with natural coloranats

This lesson is filled with information on natural colorants and demonstrates that natural definitely doesn't mean boring! You'll learn how to use botanicals and clays to soap all the colors of the rainbow!
In the pot swirl

module 5 - success with simple soap designs

Discover some simple design techniques that add visual interest to your soap, without being overly complicated or intimating.
soaps colored with natural clays

module 6 - success with soap label design

This lesson will teach you how to make attractive soap labels for your new creations using downloadable templates and an easy online program.

Bonus Content:

Bonus lessons include: Making Loofah Soaps, Multi-Flower Soap Technique, How to Make Whipped Soap, and an Advanced Rainbow Swirl Soap Tutorial, plus printable charts and other useful resources that will be helpful for you along your soapmaking journey.



bonus soaps in a grid

The Program is ideal for both beginners
and more experienced soapmakers alike!

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Take A Peek Inside!

Soapmaking Success Sample Page
Enjoy this sample video from Lesson 1 of the course: Strawberry Rose Soap
All of Jan's books are excellent and so knowledgeable, however my favorite is Natural Soapmaking eBook and Soapmaking Success Course. They were exactly what I needed to start making soaps. Simple and straightforward with everything needed for a beginner in soap making.
Michelle charles

Soapmaking Success Course

  • 25 Instructional Videos
  • 7 Downloadable Guides
  • 21 Cold Process Recipes
  • Adding Fruits & Veggies to Soap
  • How to Use Herbs & Flowers in Soap
  • Alternative Soapmaking Liquids
  • Natural Colorants & Usage Rates
  • Simple Soap Designs
  • Helpful Printable Charts

Soapmaking Success Course + Handmade Natural Soaps ebook collection

  • 25 Instructional Videos
  • 7 Downloadable Guides
  • 21 Cold Process Recipes
  • Adding Fruits & Veggies to Soap
  • How to Use Herbs & Flowers in Soap
  • Alternative Soapmaking Liquids
  • Natural Colorants & Usage Rates
  • Simple Soap Designs
  • Helpful Printable Charts
  • Handmade Natural Soaps eBook
  • Natural Facial Soaps eBook
  • All-Natural Milk Soaps eBook
  • DIY Specialty Soaps eBook
  • Essential Oils in Soapmaking eBook
  • Quick Guide to Troubleshooting eBook
  • And Printable Reference Charts
Despite my ten year experience with soap making. I still find new and interesting techniques and instructions whenever reading about soap making and your course is no exception. Your teaching techniques are universal - for novices and experienced soap makers alike. Incorporating written, visual, and the actual recipes is so well done and extremely helpful for any kind of learner. Thank you for taking the time to produce this course. I look forward to enjoying your future courses.
Gale R.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the recipes in the Soapmaking Success Course and Handmade Natural Soaps eBook Collection are palm free. A few recipes suggest tallow or lard, but a vegan substitute is always given. The majority of the recipes do call for coconut oil, but in some cases options are given. (Babassou oil makes a great stand in for coconut!) You can ask in the comments section of the course, or email me at if you have a question specific to the course or eBook collection.

The recipes are primarily cold process, though instructions are to easily convert cold process recipes to hot process. (See the Handmade Natural Soaps ebook.)

If you purchase the soapmaking success course, there’s a comment section in each lesson where you can ask questions. You can also send me an email to and either I or my email manager (who is also an experience soapmaker and herbalist) will be happy to help! Please allow up to 24 hours for an answer, and sometimes a little longer on weekends. :)

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