1. You must have been reading my mind, between my dyshidrosis and my dog having mega flea attack itches this will totally hit the spot.

      1. This works well for soothing psoriasis. And it doesn’t leave the thick greasy lair on my skin that regular synthetic balm does.

  2. With the drastically changing temps, my dog’s nose has gotten dry here and there so this will be great! And my dry hands from washing them so much because I am a nursing student.

    Will this be hard in cooler temps (my house during the winter) like coconut oil usually is? I’m guessing so, so I may use a liquid oil.

    1. Hi Steffani! I was surprised to find that it didn’t get as solid as I thought it would when cold. I wonder if the honey helps with that? It has a nice creamy texture when cooler, and more of an ointment feel when the room is warmer. If you use liquid oil instead of coconut oil, you might want to notch the beeswax amount up a bit.
      PS: Since I dropped my G+ account, I couldn’t comment on your blog posts – but I love seeing those baby bump updates and am glad you’re feeling better! :)

      1. I’ll just follow the recipe as is then, that sounds perfect!

        Thank you! I’m so glad to be feeling better as well. Finally getting around to a normal life. :)

  3. i made this but added jojoba oil as well (i halved the coconut oil) and it’s so lovely. i was wondering though because it contains honey how long you think it will stay fresh and if it should be kept in the fridge. i assumed honey wouldn’t affect shelf life as it is shelf stable on its own, but now i keep reading some sites say honey needs to be preserved due to the water content in it. i’m a bit confused on the use of honey now in body care products and how it affects shelf life. i’m not going to use a preservative for myself but was going to give a friend some and now i’m not sure if i should. thanks!

    1. jan, i looked into this some more and as long as there isn’t any extra added water i think it is okay. i believe that is right and really i’m not going to worry about it for myself as i’ll probably use it up quickly as it is so nice.

      i just ordered your book and can’t wait to get it tomorrow. :)

      1. Hi Linda, Sorry for the delayed reply! I’ve been on a bit of a staycation lately & got behind on my comments. :) I’m glad you found the information you were looking for. At this time, I’d have to agree too that it’s fine without a preservative, but I’m always testing & learning new things, so if it changes, I’ll update. I really appreciate you ordering a copy of the book and I hope you enjoy it! :)

  4. no worries & hope you enjoyed your staycation. i love your book and when i get a chance i’ll leave a review on amazon. i feel like it is the perfect book for me as i have some diy bodycare experience but not too much so this will stretch me to try out using more herbs. now i have lots of recipes for that huge bag of calendula flowers i bought awhile ago. ;)

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