Five Uses for Lavender Vinegar

Lavender Infused Vinegar & 5 Ways to Use It

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with lavender vinegar and must say, I love it as much as rose petal vinegar!

Directions to Make

Gather lavender, rub the buds off into a jar, then cover with vinegar.

Immediately cap to keep the vapors in. Store in a dark cabinet for a few weeks, shaking periodically.

If you don’t have fresh lavender, just can buy dried from Mountain Rose Herbs.

If you don’t have a non-metallic top, then use a layer of plastic wrap or wax paper between the lid and the vinegar to prevent rusting and a yucky metallic taste.

My lavender supply is much more limited than my roses, so I end up filling less than 1/4 of the jar with flowers.

As you can tell by the photos, it turns a lovely color, but other than sitting in your cabinet, looking pretty, here are five more uses for it:

Lavender Vinegar as Fabric Softener

1. Lavender Vinegar as a Fabric Softener

I haven’t used fabric softener in years; primarily because it seems to make my husband and son break out in hives when I do, but also because it contains a mash of nasty toxic chemicals that I’d like to avoid.Sure, it smells great, but that’s not worth it to me.

Instead, I use 1/4 cup vinegar plus enough water to fill my fabric softener dispenser on my washing machine along with avoiding over-drying the clothes.

I love using lavender vinegar in my wash because not only does it lend a freshness to the laundry, but lavender is also antibacterial in nature.

If the scent is not quite strong enough, you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to boost it.

Lavender Vinegar as a Flea Spray

2. Lavender Vinegar as a Flea Spray

Did you know lavender is repulsive to fleas and ticks? I’ve been experimenting with this spray over the last week and must say, I love it!

Simply mix equal parts of lavender vinegar and water and mix well in a spray bottle. You can use this, as is, or add a few drops of essential oils, known for repelling insects. I added citronella, peppermint and eucalyptus since that’s what I had handy.

Shake well, then mist your dog and their bedding with this mixture daily, plus whenever you take them outside.

We had some fleas hitchhike home on the new puppy after a vet visit. This spray gives her instant relief while I’m working on breaking the flea cycle.

Lavender Vinegar as a Hair Rinse

3. Lavender Vinegar as a Hair Rinse

I love using vinegar hair rinses! I try to use roughly 1 part vinegar to 1 to 2 parts of water. (Adjust this ratio to suit your hair type.) This helps to remove soap & shampoo buildup from your hair.

Another bonus, and this I learned from being a pre-school teacher, is that using vinegar rinses also discourages lice from setting up residence on your scalp.

Lavender Vinegar as a Window Cleaner

4. Lavender Vinegar as a Glass & Surface Cleaner

So, I have a confession to make. I rarely wash my windows. I do, however, have to frequently wipe down my glass front door and bathroom mirrors.

There’s something about those commercial blue glass cleaners that makes me feel sick; I mean, literally queasy when I smell them.

So, I use this mixture instead: 1 part vinegar, 1 part water and a tiny pinch of cornstarch.

I realize a bunch of people just went… “Huh?” when they read ‘cornstarch’, but yep, that’s what I meant! I read that tip somewhere in time and I think it does boost the cleaning power of the mixture. It can be omitted though.

I also use crumpled newspapers to clean because (a.) I just can’t bring myself to buy paper towels anymore and (b.) because that’s what I learned to use growing up!

Lavender Vinegar and Bar of Soap

5. Lavender Vinegar for Relaxing Baths & Soaks

When my son was little, we pursued a variety of natural treatments for his ailments. One of those was taking Epsom salt & vinegar baths.

These were given for detoxification purposes, but also seemed to calm and relax him.

Lavender is especially soothing to both the mind and the skin.

Just add a few splashes of vinegar and a generous sprinkling of Epsom salts to your bath water while it’s running and relax!




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  1. Thanks for all of these wonderful ideas! I love my lemon infused vinegar, but never thought to do lavender!

    1. I love my lemon infused vinegar too! I’ve been branching out and experimenting with other types this year – I have some mint vinegar brewing right now that smells wonderful! :)

  2. Love this! I mixed up a batch and have it in the cupboard as we speak (type)! I love my calendula and lavender infused oils, so I can’t wait to try this.

    1. I plan on mixing up another batch this afternoon myself! I’m running through it rapidly. I used it to clean my trash can today – loving this stuff! :)

  3. I went “Huh?”! LOL
    Great tips! :-)
    Thanks for sharing with my Super Link Party! :-)

    1. LOL :) I keep thinking it’s on Friday, instead of Wednesday!! I’ll be on time one of these days… :)

  4. I am just getting into using all natural substitutes for my household. Vinegar is something that I have discovered can be used just about everything. I planted lavender last year and it is starting to bloom. I’ve been taking about what I am going to with it and now I know! I cannot wait to make this!

    Do I dry my lavender out first? How much should I use if I mix it with a quart of vinegar?

    I love your blog! Feel free to check mine out too. I think we have lots in common although you seem to be way more knowledgable then me. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

    1. Hi there! I use fresh lavender but I’m sure dried would work too. Since I don’t have a lot growing at once, I just use whatever I have gathered that day – sometimes more, sometimes less. I use jelly jars and it seems to work perfectly for the small amount of flowers I put in. There’s really no wrong way to make it – just throw some flowers in and see how you like the result then adjust as you go. You can always add more!

      What is your blog address? I would love to check it out! :)

    2. You can indeed use dried Lavender! Although it doesn’t smell as strong as fresh. Its still just as good.

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  6. I heard that some Essential Oils are poisonous to cats and dogs. I personally would recommend not spraying the Lavender Vinegar ON your pets :) Just a little warning – would hate for someones pet to get sick.

    1. Hi Rural Housewife! I am so glad you made that point. I do spray it on my dog (I made sure to use essential oils safe for them and in very small amounts) but this (and any other essential oils) should NOT be used on cats. Thank you so much – I will go in and edit that right now! :)

  7. I’m going to my Mama’s tomorrow and I’m stealing some of her lavender plants, so the timing of this post was perfect!

  8. Great article!!
    Thanks for sharing…one question.. does the lavender scent overpower the vinegar ? my hubby is allergic to vinegar… if he even smells it he coughs and coughs… wondering if covering it up with lavender would help… i love using lavender for headache relief… i also use tea tree for head lice repellant.. (and misquitos and everything else pretty much) didnt know lavender would work as well. Thanks

    1. Hi Jenn, The scent of lavender is quite strong after a few weeks, but you can still detect a hint of vinegar in there. If he’s that allergic, I think I’d avoid it for him. I know I would for my hubby! :) I love tea tree oil too – once my kids were directly exposed, for several hours, to someone who turned up having lice the next day. We have a wonderful health store nearby ran by a naturopath and she gave me tea tree oil to massage in their scalp. Thankfully, they didn’t end up with lice and I feel the tea tree did the job!

      1. Thanks! I may try it when he is not home..its not an allergy that is systemic or that would bother him after the fact!

  9. Love it! I’m a big lavender fan and can’t wait to try it as fabric softener. I might even try it on a salad. ;)

    1. I saw someone mention that it was good drizzled on fruit salad too! I haven’t tried it though… :)

  10. I have used vinegar as a hair rinse since age 9 and a face toner, flea bath for the cat, tea with honey, cleaning etc. never without it. Thanks for your post!

    1. Thanks for the comment! :) I’ve only recently been discovering just how wonderful vinegar is and am really enjoying finding out all of the great ways it can be used. I love the idea of using it as a face toner!

  11. I love it. I have just started infusing , making lotion it is amazing. My Hubby had a rash and he was let’s say on the fence. Two days applying lavender lotion he us a believer! Thank you my vinegar is infusing as we speak. Happy fourth of July Everyone!

  12. Found your post through Frugally Sustainable. I’m wondering if anyone has an opinion on vinegar. I use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar for my hair rinse and find it so much better than Heinz. Wondering if Heinz or the store brand is ok when using for an infusion or if there is something better.

    1. I tend to use store brand white vinegar for a lot of mine since I like to way it keeps the colors clearer; i.e. you end up with a prettier end result and also since much of the time I’m using it for household purposes. I plan to make some raspberry vinegar though, as soon as we get our electricity back (hopefully Sunday!) and I will use white wine vinegar for that, since I have culinary plans for it. I think it’s just a matter of preference – which type(s) of vinegar you like best! :)

  13. Thank you, so much for this!! I am off to make some Lavender vinegar up; as I have plenty of lavender in my garden!! I can’t wait to use it! I might put some in pretty jars for Christmas presents!
    {hugs & blessings}

    1. I think you will love it! :) One side note – I made some last week and since our power was out and I couldn’t heat the vinegar first, decided to set it in the sunlight, outdoors where the temps were hovering around 100. It turned from the pretty pinkish color to a plain light brown. Not so pretty! So definitely keep this one from the sunlight also!

  14. Wow ~ great ideas ~ very creative ~ consider linking up with Magical Monday on (A Creative Harbor) ~ thanks, ^_^

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for the invitation; I’ll definitely plan to join your blog hop on Monday! I love the name. :)

  15. I came over from Crunchy Betty’s FB link and I’m glad I did! I use vinegar in my Montessori classroom for the children to wash the windows, and now we can make the infused vinegar for it, too! Among the other uses, of course :) Thanks!

    1. I am so glad you mentioned where you found me – I have been wondering where all the new likes were coming from! :) What fun to let the children wash windows with infused vinegar! Sounds like a wonderful classroom. (spoken as a former pre-school teacher that loved hands-on activities!)

  16. do you have to use a fresh flower or is there something in a powder maybe you can use?

  17. Thanks for sharing your tips on using lavender vinegar. It’s one vinegar I’ve yet to make and I like the idea of it being used in the laundry…will have to make some next year! Great ideas!

    Thanks, Nancy at

    1. Thanks Nancy! I’ve used up the majority of my two batches and am going to have to make more soon! Love the stuff! :)

  18. Thanks for linking this post up this week at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!
    I’m going to try the window cleaner and fabric softener uses for sure!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

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  20. I’m sorry to admit I don’t know how I found your blog, but very happy I did. I just happen to have 8 cruet bottles with clip on stoppers left over from another project & a bunch of lavender from another–put together guess what my neighbors are getting in their Christmas baskets?

    1. That’s great! I ALMOST bought similar type bottles today thinking that vinegar would be gorgeous in them! Now I’m thinking: Why didn’t I?!! :)

  21. I Love your site. I have tried, lemon,orange and rose petals.
    I love the results that I get in my home. Fresh …fresh no chemical smells. Keep the great posts coming. Cannot wait to plant Lavendar in the spring. I will be searching for fresh or dried L from now on. Gave a bottle of Roce petal vinegar in a recycle Maple syrup bottle she just love the gift.

    1. Thank you! I want to plant a lot more lavender this year – it seems I run out way too fast! That’s a great idea about recycling the maple syrup bottle! :)

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  23. Can lavender oils be used instead of the flower plant ,in vinegar .

    1. I have three dogs as well! :) One though is quite old and scared of everything, and he’s especially terrified of the spray bottle & noise so he gets a dusting of diatomaceous earth for flea prevention instead. :)

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  25. I made a batch of this to replace regular white vinegar that I normally use as fabric softener. I love the color! One question: does it tint your clothing pink? Thank you!

    1. Hi Micheline! I was afraid that would happen at first too! But, it’s diluted with water and doesn’t leave a bit of tint. I have tested undiluted rose petal vinegar, made with my reddest roses and directly spritzed on a white t-shirt and it left a pinkish splotch. (That washed out though.) So, I don’t suggest dark red rose petal vinegar undiluted for laundry, but the lavender has always worked great for me.

      1. It worked brilliantly! I love it so much I linked back to your blog in a post on DIY lavender sachets. I’m going to make another batch. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Sarah, I use white vinegar since I use it mostly for cleaning/household (plus it lets the pretty color shine through best!) :) You can also use apple cider vinegar if you’d like.

  26. It’s also wonderful as a sunburn spray. It takes the burn out immediately and the lavender helps to further soothe the skin.

  27. Thanx so much for the ideas, which I am going to try. Do you use spirit vinegar or wine vinegar?

    1. Hi Lorraine! I use regular white vinegar for this, since I use it mostly for household use. When I infuse herbs I’ll take internally, for medicinal use, I use apple cider vinegar and if I’m making one that would be great in a salad dressing or with fruit, I use white wine vinegar. You can play around with it and use any type of vinegar that you’d like. :)

  28. I use lavender vinegar to spray down the shower/tub after we use the shower. It does a wonderful job of keeping the pinkish tint/gunk from the fluoride in our water. I hate the thought of that getting on me but we can’t really afford to have a system put in to get the fluoride out. Maybe one day… I’m anxious to try the shampoo and rinse. Been trying to use more vinegar and baking soda for cleaning in our home. I too have given up paper towels and have donated an old flannel sheet to use when I need something like a paper towel, I just wash them and reuse them. They don’t look so pretty but I don’t really care about that they are clean and they do the job! Thanks for your article and recipes

    1. Hi Sherry, We have a notable amount of fluoride in our well water and can completely relate to not being able to afford a whole house filter! That’s a great use of the lavender vinegar! I’m happy to hear you enjoy the articles and recipes! :)

  29. Sorry if I missed it…but can it be used in a front loading washer as fabric softener?

    1. Hi Lisa! My front loader broke a few years ago, so I’m not quite sure of the answer. However, a quick google search seems like people use it fine that way.

  30. I just found this site and I am soo going to try some of these recipes. I LOVE all the homemade cool and neat stuff you can do, made from vinegar! THANK YOU!!

  31. Great information. Thanks for posting. I do clean with vinegar and water but I had forgotten that it is good to use on your hair for build up. (my mom taught me that) Thanks for the reminder. :)

  32. Hello, I am brewing some Lavender Vinegar as I type, planning to use it on salads etc.
    I have a 2 acre All Natural Lavender Farm (Harmony Lavender) I used my All Natural Dried Culinary Lavender and Apple Cider Vinegar because of the Sweet and Sour sort of flavor I believe it will achieve. Can hardly wait for another week and a half to try it. :)
    I have noticed that quite a bit of the vinegar has been absorbed by the lavender buds…suggestions?
    Thank you for sharing your recipe and advise.

    1. Hi Claudia, You can top the jar off with more vinegar as needed; you want to keep the buds covered with liquid. How wonderful to have a 2 acre lavender farm – it sounds lovely!

  33. Yes thank you for your reply, which somehow I just found in my spam file. :(
    I will do that, I am using dried buds and they just seem to float the top anyway. ;)
    Have a great day!

  34. I have been brewing my own vinegar from a mother for about a year now. I have been growing roses and lavender too. I have been thinking about brewing rose and or lavender vinegar.

    You can turn just about anything into vinegar, and fermenting your own vinegar is way better than infusing. I make lemon vinegar to clean my whole house too! I have just found your blog, and plan to read more, but if you have not tried even lemon infused vinegar you should! It is amazing!

    1. Hi Amanda, That is a really interesting idea about making vinegar from roses and lavender. I’ll have to research that and learn more – thanks for sharing the tip!

  35. I’ve been looking for a recipe for lavender vinegar. Anyone who suffers from prickley heat (heat rash) knows how uncomfortable it gets. Itches and hurts if you scratch… it’s often in places you can’t scratch anyway. I’ve recently discovered that vinegar dabbed on is the fastest, most effective relief I’ve ever tried. I’m using apple cider vinegar at the minute but thought lavender vinegar would smell so much nicer.

  36. What a gorgeous color! I love the hair rinse photo…. to die for! I’m doing the no poo method as a challenge this month and I look forward to sprucing up the vinegar rinse. Thanks for the great idea!

  37. Hi there, I have just moved in to a place with dozens of large mature lavender plants and I am going to harvest flowers this weekend. I love the idea of lavender and vinegar for windows! I am going to use it on my carpets to discourage carpet moths too. (we have a problem with them in the south of England!) Vinegar is quite strong smelling – what kind of vinegar do you use and does the lavender neutralise the sour, acidic smell of the vinegar?

    1. Hi Loren! I use common white vinegar for household use. If you let your lavender infuse long enough, it will really mellow the sharp vinegar scent. I’m not a fan of the smell of straight vinegar either, but do like the lavender vinegar. Enjoy those wonderful lavender plants!

  38. Lovely idea, I have been infusing oils and have seen infused vinegars in food sections, great compliment with the Avocado Shampoo. You say to gather lavender then put the buds (only?) into the jar. Are the beautiful leaves good for anything? Love your blog :)

    1. Hi Patricia, Yes, you can use the leaves too! I tend to use them more like rosemary. They’re really nice blended with other green herbs in bath soaks too.

  39. I have grown lavender for many year, mainly for the bees and butterflies, and its wonderful perfume. My Grandmother used to give me her empty Yardley’s bottles and the smell linger for ages. I have made pillows and bags for the linen cupboard and draws. Now I have discovered through your web site how to make lavender vinegar. I love and use cider vinegar with honey, and look forward to experimenting with others. To make lavender is it right that I should use white or white wine vinegar?

    1. Hi Joan, What a wonderful memory of your grandmother! It sounds like you have all sorts of lovely ideas for lavender. For the lavender infused vinegar, I like to use regular white vinegar, for household use, or white wine vinegar, if I plan on using it for culinary purposes. I only use those though, because they’re clear and show up the pretty lavender-pink color best. If you enjoy using apple cider vinegar, you can definitely use that instead.

  40. I love the beautiful color of this vinegar! I have been trying to establish the lavender section of my herb garden for 2 yrs now. This year I’ve had a total of 6 ? lavender stalks from my one surviving plant from last year. I couldn’t wait to start using the wonderful scent though and since I have quite vigorous foliage growth I used that to make a lavender & lemon balm vinegar. I was aiming for the beginnings of an insect repellent, but the scent combo was just too good & I mixed it with oil for a salad dressing! I know you grow lemon balm, so I would definitely recommend you try it sometime. I used quite a bit more lemon balm than lavender; not sure of exact ratios though. You don’t get the gorgeous color but the flavor/smell makes up for it! Thanks for all the great info.

    1. That sounds like such a lovely combination – thanks for sharing! I never seem to have enough lavender either (but tons of lemon balm!), so that’s a wonderful idea. I’ll definitely try that out! :)

  41. Hope you get to read this Jan. From your recommendations , my washing is now about to be rinsed with a beautiful smelling infusion + ( because I hate waste I have filled open little containers with the residue of the lavender & white vinegar & placed around the house as air fresheners. Wow – it’s working beautifully – even after only 30 mins. ( have to say it has also rid the house of dog smells – love them heaps but sometimes, when they’re indoors they do emit some obnoxious odours – mind you, so does my husband, but that is a completely different scenario!!)
    Thank you.

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