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Simple & Natural Calendula Soap

This is a mild, unscented calendula soap bar that’s gentle enough to use on almost everyone from babies to grandmothers. It’s made with calendula infused oil and calendula tea. This is a Cold Process Soap recipe. All measurements are by weight. You must have an accurate digital scale to make soap. Calendula Soap Recipe 21 oz […] the full article.

Hollyhock Flower Soap Recipe

I know I say it about all of my soap recipes – but this hollyhock soap truly is another favorite of mine! Hollyhocks have soothing properties similar to their herbal cousin, marshmallow, and the drawing power of the rose clay makes this soap another one helpful for itchy or inflamed skin. Looking for more ways […] the full article.

Carrot & Honey Soap Recipe

This carrot and honey soap is one of my most popular bars! Most people like to use it as a gentle facial cleanser, but it can be used as a body bar as well. I loaded it up with anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients, so it’s especially suitable for dry, mature skin. Though, having said that, […] the full article.

Cucumber Borage Soap Recipe

Cucumber soaps are one of my all-time favorites! The soothing properties of the cucumber and the drawing power of the French green clay makes this soap recipe especially helpful for acne, bug bites, and other itchy, inflamed skin conditions. Never made soap before? Read through my Soap Making 101 post to find out how to get started. […] the full article.

Oatmeal & Honey Soap Recipe

Not long after my children went on a gluten free diet, they came down with chicken pox. It sounds silly, but I couldn’t stop dwelling on the sad fact that I couldn’t use the traditional oatmeal baths and lotions and such that are so helpful for itchy skin afflictions. As soon as I learned how, […] the full article.

Rosa Rugosa Soap Recipe (Palm Free)

Quite possibly my favorite part of the year is that time around May when all of my roses start blooming at once. When that happens, I gather together large amounts of rose petals and make all sorts of things from them, including this rosa rugosa soap. If you don’t have access to fresh rose petals, […] the full article.