How to Package Bath Bombs for Gift Giving {+ label tutorial}

How to Package Bath Bombs in a Box for Gift Giving

Bath bombs are loved by many and a popular gift to give, but figuring out how to package them can be a pain point.

Below, are the methods I use to package both individual bath bombs and bath bomb gift boxes.

I’ve also included a video tutorial on how to create personalized labels for your bath bombs!

Bath Bombs and Soaks eBook Covers with natural lavender bath bombs

Notes before we start:

The bath bombs shown are 100% natural and were created using recipes from my Natural Bath Bombs Ebook. (Find out more about that ebook HERE.)

Some links on this site are affiliate links; I only recommend products I personally use and enjoy. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Gift Box of Bath Bombs

How to Package Bath Bombs in a Gift Box

This is my favorite way to present bath bombs!

I use THESE beautiful Chilly gift boxes available on Amazon. (They have pretty floral prints too.)

They can comfortably hold four medium (around 5 oz) bath bombs, or two large (8 oz) + two medium (5 oz) bath bombs.

Bath Bombs Being Packaged

Make your bath bombs, let them dry, and then wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

I follow the directions in THIS YouTube video when I wrap my bath bombs.

Unfold the box, line it with tissue paper, and gently nestle your bath bombs inside, wrapping each one partially in crumpled tissue paper as you go, to act as a cushion.

I like to leave the tops of the bath bombs visible, for a pretty presentation upon opening.

Next, I type up and print off a list of what’s in the box, so the recipient knows all of the ingredients used.

Put the ingredient list in the box, close it up, tie it together with a ribbon and a bow, add a gift tag, and you’re done!

Wrapping Bath Bomb Gifts

How to Package Bath Bombs Individually

When packaging bath bombs to gift individually, I wrap them in two layers. This keeps moisture out, makes them easier to label, and protects the bath bombs during transit.

(Downside: I realize this is a lot of plastic packaging. I’m still on the hunt for more eco-friendly solutions that work.)

First, is a tight layer of plastic wrap using the directions in THIS YouTube video.

Next, I tuck the wrapped bath bombs in a clear bag (I use THESE) with an ingredient label affixed to the side, then tie the bag closed with a ribbon.

The kind of bag I use is actually a shrink wrap bag, but I find shrink wrapped bath bombs can be a bit of a pain to unwrap so I no longer heat them.

Packages of Bath Bombs

How to Create Your Own Bath Bomb Labels {Video Tutorial}

If you’re a past or present student of my Soapmaking Success course, you’re likely familiar with my husband’s soap labeling video tutorials and templates.

For this post, I asked him to put together a video tutorial for making bath bomb labels too and being the agreeable guy he is, he said yes! :)

*Extra important note! This article is focused on bath bombs for gift giving. If you plan to sell bath bombs, I suggest checking out Marie Gale’s blog and book for the most current labeling regulations.

This video details how to design a bath bomb label in the free version of an online photo editing program called Canva, based on four simple circles.

Since Canva doesn’t offer a curved text option, we also have a few ready-made curved text overlays for you. (See below.)

If you’d like different wording, you could use PicMonkey to make custom curved text on your labels, just know that it’s a pay-to-use program.

For images to use on your labels, I recommend checking out Creative Market for inexpensive packs of watercolor graphics. (Look for ones with individual png files.)

Don’t use random images from Google as they usually belong to someone else and  you don’t want to infringe on anyone’s copyright.

Click on the small thumbnails below to open full-sized images of the curved text, then right click the larger image and save it to your computer.

Make sure to save it as a png file so it stays transparent. Directions to add it to your label are in the video.

Curved Text Overlay 1 

100% Natural Text Overlay

Curved Text Overlay 2 

Handmade Bath Bomb Text Overlay

Curved Text Overlay 3 

100% Natural Bath Bomb Text

Curved Text Overlay 4 

Handmade Bath Bomb Text Overlay

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed learning a few easy ways to prettily package your handmade bath bombs.

images of packaging bath bombs says How to Package Bath Bombs




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  5. Thanks for all the great recipes and info. I have about 100 bath bombs to make for my daughter’s upcoming bridal shower. I did find that using the extra circle stickers from the invitations will work perfectly for the bottoms of the bath bomb

    1. Hi Vicky, So glad the recipes and information were helpful! That’s a great idea to use the extra circle stickers from the invitations! :)

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