5 Homemade Products Using Flowers & Herbs From Your Garden

Five Homemade Products Using Flowers and Herbs From Your Garden

Today’s the day!

To celebrate the release of my book, 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home, I put together a little gift for you.

I made a mini download that includes 5 brand new, bonus recipes that tie into the overarching theme of the book – things to make from the flowers and herbs that grow around you.

Within its pages, you’ll find instructions to make:

Rose Salt Scrub Cubes

Rose Salt Scrub Bars

Cooling Calendula Gel

Cooling Calendula Gel

Basil & Mint Liniment

Basil Mint Liniment

Pansy & Lavender Bath Salts

Pansy & Lavender Bath Soak

Dandelion Salt Bars

Dandelion Salt Bars Recipe


To grab your bonus recipes, just click HERE or on the photo below::

5 Homemade Products Using Flowers & Herbs From Your Garden

Please feel free to share this download with your friends and family too!


Inside View of 101 Easy Homemade Products

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101 Easy Homemade Products Release Date March 29 2016

If you enjoyed these 5 recipes for homemade products from your garden, I think you’ll love my new book!

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  1. I clicked on Amazon Australia link for the new book released March 2016 and it wants me to buy it and download it. Can I buy it in paper form yet?

  2. Congratulations Jan! I’m so excited to read your book! I’ve read your blog for years and enjoyed it so much!

      1. OMG Jan! Sorry! Totally wrong comment for you. That was supposed to go on another blog I was apparently reading at the same time. You must think I’m nuts!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Looks wonderful. And congrats on the release of gour book!! It must be crazy exciting! I hope you’re beyond thrilled & that it flies off the shelves. I’ve checked out some of the reviews & people seem to be raving…can’t wait to check it out myself!

  4. Gaah! I hate when I leave spelling errors. I meant YOUR book. I’m sure you knew that but I just can’t let it go :)

  5. So excited!! I just ordered your new book!! Can’t wait! I wish you much success! You are awesome!

  6. Wow love your stuff!! I will be ordering your book as soon as I have a few $$$$. Thank You so much!

  7. Hi Jan, your book arrived in the post today. It is lovely, the whole package is great, the photos are beautiful. Never mind all the delicious content – What a project – you should be darn proud of yourself. I do hope you’ve got some kind of decent deal on the sales – one can tell it’s a labour of love. I shall doubtless be purchasing more copies as pressies. It is a delight to own a copy.

  8. From one VA gal to another, thanks for the recipes, and your book is awesome. Looking forward to making many recipes out of it.

    1. Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for letting me know! My publisher granted permission to Reformation Acres to reprint the recipe, but I’m so appreciative of you for keeping an eye out for my content! That means a lot to know that someone has my back & is looking out for me!! :)

  9. Made the rose salt scrub cubes today! Love it as it leaves my feet soft and clean and I love the pink hue colour of the salt. Only thing is I live in a tropical country so the oils started to melt pretty much as soon as I got it out of the fridge! Won’t be able to store it in solid cubes. Guess I will just have to store in a jar and scoop out a bit for each use. Thanks for sharing! Wish I could show you a photo of my cubes.

  10. Hi! I just discovered your blog and it couldn’t have come at a better time! Just moving in with my boyfriend on an island in Maine, with enough space for a garden of all kinds of herbs and veggies! I have seen you refer to a few places to buy seeds here and there and they have been so helpful! As well as giving me a whole new inspiration to sow some seeds and create some pretty awesome things with them!

    So thank you!

  11. Thank you! Would wild rose petals work for the rose scrub bars? I think they are Baldhip roses, not sure though.

  12. Hi Jan. Thank you for sharing both knowledge and recepies with us:) I enjoy reading and enjoy making soap. I have a husband and he has really problem with his skin in head and face. Its almost like psoreasis. I just wandered it the dandelion salt bar could be something he can use in these places, but i know coconut oil is really rough with the skin and therfor i normally dont use more than max 25 procent of coconut oil in my soaps. Do you think this dandelion salt bar will be bad for him because of the high amount of coconut oil?

    1. Hi Heidi! The dandelion salt bar can be abrasive, so I think it would scratch sensitive facial skin. Coconut oil products in general may be a little harsh for his skin – it’s been known to aggravate redness and itching. Has he tried washing with raw honey or using the oil cleansing method? Rosehip seed oil and sea buckthorn oil are two that are supposed to be really great for psoriasis and tough skin conditions. Tamanu oil is another option that might help. I hope you’re able to find just the thing to help his skin feel better soon! :)

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