Pumpkin Spice Soap (with Spiced Latte Layer)

Pumpkin Soap with Spiced Latte Layer Recipe

This fall favorite soap is made with real pumpkin puree and features a spiced layer that’s deliciously scented with coffee, cinnamon and clove essential oils, and highlighted by two contrasting pencil lines made of cocoa powder. It’s a brand new addition to my Soapmaking Success e-course, but was so well received by local friends and perfect for the season, that I had to share here on my website too! Since it’s part of the course, … Continue reading

Pumpkin Soap Recipe

Pumpkin Soap Cold Process Recipe

Today’s recipe is for Pumpkin Soap! For this batch, I added a vanilla spice swirl to give the bar just a hint of warm, fresh-baked scent. Because I have several sensitive family members, I usually leave bars unscented or very lightly scented with natural ingredients only. If you want your soap to have a more detectable smell, you’ll need to greatly increase the amount of essential oils I list, keeping in mind that vanilla absolute … Continue reading