{Healthier} Herbal Jello

I knew when I posted about making Herbal Jello as a great way to get therapeutic levels of herbs into a picky kid or too-sick-to-eat-much individual, that there would be some unable to use the recipe because of the sugar and artificial ingredients contained in regular Jello. While I found this vegan, kosher alternative free from dyes, I also wanted to post this addendum to show that you can make another version, without using table … Continue reading

Herbal Jello

You know when you’re a kid (or grownup) and you’re sick and you just don’t feel like eating, much less swallowing some horrid tasting mixture your mom gives you to help you feel better? Well, this is where herbal jellos come into play. They are ideal vehicles to administer therapeutic doses of herbs to less than willing patients such as children, the elderly and cranky-when-they’re-sick adults that you may or may not be married to. … Continue reading