DIY Bug Bite Itchy Sticks {kid friendly!}

several bug bite itchy sticks in a bundle beside fresh lavender leaves

These easy DIY bug bite sticks relieve the itchiness of pesky bug bites and are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts on the go! There are several herb or flower choices you could use in these, including: lavender flowers lavender leaves calendula flowers plantain leaves violet leaves Ingredients needed: 1/2 cup sunflower oil (or your favorite oil type) 1/4 cup dried herbal leaves or flowers, crumbled 1 tbsp tightly packed beeswax (about 9 g by weight) few … Continue reading

Rose Petal Vinegar + 7 Ways to Use It

Beautiful Rose Petal Vinegar Recipe

This stunningly beautiful rose petal vinegar is super easy to make and has tons of great uses! It will keep for at least a year, though the color is most brilliant during the first few months. If you have an abundance of roses and want to preserve some of that beauty – try making rose petal vinegar today!   Step 1 Gather fresh rose petals. (If you don’t have fresh, you can use dried, though … Continue reading