Lavender Cleansing Grains

These simple but effective facial cleansing grains feature rolled oats, dried lavender flowers, and a small amount of gentle clay.

3 glass tubes filled with cleansing grains and fresh lavender flowers

Cleansing grains are ultra simple blends of ground herbs, flowers, grains, and other goodies that are beneficial for your skin.

This recipe highlights the soothing nature of oats along with the calming properties of lavender, which are both suitable for most skin types.

The soft purple color comes from gentle purple Brazilian clay, which is especially helpful for oily to normal skin. It’s completely optional though, and you may wish to leave it out if you have super dry skin.

coffee grinder filled with rolled oats, dried lavender, and purple clay

How to Make

Ingredients needed:

  • 2 1/2 tbsp rolled oats (I use gluten free oats)
  • 1 tbsp dried lavender flowers
  • Optional: 1/4 teaspoon purple Brazilian clay

You can buy purple Brazilian clay from Bramble Berry or Nurture Soap.

Directions to make:

Grind all of the ingredients together in a coffee grinder until finely powdered. This won’t take long! Less than a minute, and you’ll have a lovely purple powder, smelling deliciously of lavender. No need for essential oils here! It naturally gets its scent right from the dried lavender buds.

Store the power in an airtight container to keep it fresh and dry. This recipe makes 5-10 applications of cleansing grains.

How to use cleansing grains:

Splash your face with comfortably warm water to dampen your skin. Place a pinch of cleansing grains in the palm of your hand -about 1-2 teaspoons- and mix with warm water to form a paste. Gently apply and rub over the skin on your face and throat. Rinse well with warm water, and follow with a moisturizer, if so desired.

Cleansing grains can also be used as a face mask by leaving the mixture on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinsing off.

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  1. Could I use bentonite clay as a substitute for the Brazilian clay? That is what I have on hand – thanks for the recipe!!!

    1. Hi Liz! Yes, you sure can. You can use any type of clay that you have on hand and it will work in a similar way. :)

  2. My lavender is beautiful & plentiful this year. I was excited to make the lavender oil so that I could make the lavender Epsom salts & salve. I dried my lavender blooms for 3 days & bought avocado oil. I used the quicker method of heating them on the stove- low heat in a few inches of water. I was hugely disappointed- it smells terrible- like wet swamp grass.😞😞😞. What did I do wrong???? My fresh lavender smelled wonderful

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! I wonder if the lavender blooms weren’t quite dry enough?
      Most oil infusions completely lose their scent or only smell very faintly of the original herb, so unfortunately you won’t get a strong lavender smell from the infused oil.
      However, it shouldn’t smell like swamp grass either, so my best guess is that there may have been some water still in the herbs.
      I’ve also overheated a few batches before, though in that case, it smelled kind of like deep fried parsnips, but it’s also possible to overheat the oil – especially one a little more sensitive to heat if it was unrefined avocado.
      You could try leaving the oil uncovered for several days, except for a paper towel or coffee filter (or something to let it ‘breathe’) on the top, secured with a rubber band.
      That will let the oil air out a little, but keep flies and dust out of it, and will hopefully improve the smell.

  3. Thank you, Jan I’d love to try it. Bought your book on making salves etc. Infusing various herbs, can’t wait to make some new products!
    My question is where did you get the glass vials shown in the picture for the Cleansing Grains? I like the shape, couldn’t find them at Specialty Bottle nor MRH.
    Thank you.

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