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tin of lip balm surrounded by fresh lemon balm leaves and flower petals
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Super Healing Cold Sore Lip Balm

Lemon balm is a powerful antiviral, proven to banish cold sores. Use this DIY super healing cold sore lip balm recipe to help fight & prevent cold sores.
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  • 2 half-pint jars, one for infusing and one for storing the infused oil
  • tin can, or a dedicated jar for melting beeswax items
  • small saucepan with several inches of water in it, for melting lip balm
  • 6 half-ounce tins


For the Lemon Balm Infused Oil

For the Cold Sore Lip Balm


To Make the Lemon Balm Infused Oil

  • Place the dried lemon balm in a half pint canning jar.
  • Pour in enough oil to cover the lemon balm completely, and fill the jar almost to the top. Leave a little room for expansion while infusing.
  • Option A: For a stronger oil, cover the jar with a lid and let infuse at room temperature for 4 to 6 weeks. Shake the jar every day or two, or as often as you remember to.
  • Option B: For a quicker infused oil, don't cover the jar, but instead place it in a small saucepan filled with several inches of water. Heat over a medium-low burner for 2 to 3 hours. Strain out the amount you'll need, then top with more oil.
  • Store infused oil in a cool dark place. Shelf life is around one year.

To Make the Cold Sore Lip Balm

  • Combine the oils, butter, and beeswax in a heat proof jar, or for easy cleanup - an empty tin can.
  • Place the container down into a small saucepan containing several inches of water.
  • Heat over medium-low to medium heat until melted. Don't leave melting wax and oil unattended during this time.
  • Once melted, remove from heat.
  • Stir in the essential oils, and vitamin E, if using.
  • Pour into small tins or jars.
  • Shelf life of lip balm is around 9 to 12 months, or as long as it smells fresh.