St John’s Wort Oil & Salve for Tired Muscles

St. John’s wort is a pretty yellow flowering plant that’s considered a noxious weed in several states, but is well-loved by herbalists!

Besides using it for tinctures and liniments (like THIS RECIPE), it’s also wonderful to infuse into oil for salves and lotions.

Today, I’m going to share an herbal salve recipe that’s great for tired legs and back muscles – if you’re on your feet a lot, or if you have to spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, I think you’ll love this salve!


*If you’re concerned that St. John’s wort oil will cause sun sensitivity,  THIS ARTICLE at LearningHerbs will be helpful to read! Some links in this post are affiliate links; I only recommend products I personally use and like. If you have questions or concerns about a medical condition and the use of herbs, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional. :) 


Before making this salve, you’ll need to make a St. John’s wort infused oil.

(If you don’t have the fresh flower available, you can buy some ready made oil HERE, from Mountain Rose Herbs.)

Normally, I completely dry herbs before infusing in oil, but St. John’s Wort is one exception to the rule. You won’t get an effective oil using dried herb. Instead, I pick the flower buds and flowering tops and spread them on a paper towel for just a few hours so some of the moisture is removed.

Next, place the wilted herb in a jar and fill about half way. Pour your favorite oil into the jar and almost to the top. Cover the top of the jar with a piece of cheesecloth secured with a rubber band (to allow evaporation) and infuse for several weeks. Some herbalists like to infuse in the sunlight, while others prefer a dark area. Both ways will work! Strain and store the finished oil for up to one year in a cool dark place.

St Johns Wort & Dandelion Oil & Beeswax

When making salve, I like to combine the St. John’s wort oil with another infused oil, such as dandelion, goldenrod or calendula. In this recipe, I used dandelion.

Since this was intended for sore tired muscles, I added an essential oil blend from Bramble Berry called “Massage” combined with organic lavender essential oil, using a 2% dilution rate.

Bramble Berry’s Massage Essential Oil Blend is wonderful and is one of my new favorites! You can read more about it HERE.

St Johns Wort Salve Ingredients

St. John’s Wort Salve

Measurements are by weight; you’ll need a scale to make this salve.

  • 2 oz (57 g) St. John’s wort infused oil
  • 1.5 oz (43 g) dandelion, calendula or goldenrod infused oil
  • 0.5 oz (14 g) beeswax
  • 2.26 g (or about 48 drops) of essential oil (I used half Lavender essential oil and half “Massage” blend from Bramble Berry)

Weigh the infused oils and beeswax into a heatproof jar. Place in a small saucepan filled with a few inches of water. Place the pan over a low burner until the wax is melted.

Remove from heat and let cool a few minutes then stir in the essential oils. Pour into tins or containers. This recipe fills three 2-ounce tins.




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Massage into tired and sore leg and back muscles.

St Johns Wort Oil and Salve for Tired Sore Muscles
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Jan Berry is a writer, herbalist, soapmaker, and bestselling author of The Big Book of Homemade Products, Simple & Natural Soapmaking, and Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family and a menagerie of animals, where she enjoys brainstorming creative things to make with the flowers and weeds that grow around her.

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    Hi Jan. I have St. Johns wort essential oil, but no fresh plant (to make an infused oil). Is it possible to use this, how much would one use, and would the benefits be the same? Having difficulty finding any info about this.

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