Soapmaking for Absolute Beginners {Free} Mini eMail Course

Violet Leaf Soap Recipe

If you want to try making your own soap, but feel intimidated, scared or unsure of what to do first, I’ve created the perfect mini course for you!

Over the span of 6 email lessons, I’m going to teach you:

  • common soapmaking terms
  • all about basic soapmaking equipment
  • what soapmaking ingredients you need
  • why we use lye (and why it deserves respect, but not fear)
  • plus an easy soap recipe, perfect for beginners

Throughout the series, I’ll also share half a dozen checklists and printables that will be extra helpful as you begin making soap.

To join in the fun:

  1. Enter your first name and email address into the form below. (Can’t see the form? Click HERE.)
  2. Check your inbox for an email, asking you to confirm that you want to sign up.
  3. Once confirmed, look for the first email in the series to arrive right away!
  4. Each day after that, look for a new lesson to arrive around the same time.
  5. Once you’ve completed the mini course (6 emails), I’ll keep in touch by sending you new soap recipes & other DIY project ideas two to four times a month.
  6.  Feel free to tell your friends about the course too! :)

If you don’t see the confirmation email within 30 minutes, check your spam, trash or junk folders, since sometimes good emails get sent there by mistake. If you’re a Gmail user, check the promotions tab. You can also add my email address to your contacts list to be extra sure that you won’t miss any of the lessons or my followup emails.

By subscribing to this email course and subsequent newsletter, you agree to this site’s Privacy Policy. Your personal information will be kept private and never sold or traded; you may unsubscribe at any time. Thanks!



Soapmaking for Absolute Beginners - a free mini email course

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43 Responses to Soapmaking for Absolute Beginners {Free} Mini eMail Course

  1. pam says:

    sounds great to me! Soapmaking sounds like fun, plus…soap!

    • Yes! Soapmaking is so much fun & you get a useful product to boot! Win-win! :)

      • Pam Levings says:

        Jan I only got lesson 6 and not the first 5 lessons! Please help

        • Hi Pam! I took a look and it seems like you got the first few lessons, but then the ones in the middle bounced. That means the first lessons probably are in your spam/junk/trash folder where you can’t see them. If you can find them there and mark them as not spam/junk/trash, then that will really help. You can also add me to your contacts list and then it hopefully won’t do that again. I’m going to send you an email right now, with links to the other lessons, but that might end up in spam/junk/trash too, so please look for my new message there and mark me as okay to email you. Thanks! :)

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of soap making because I have been wanting to learn this art and have been reluctant to attempt because of some of the directions I have read about mentioning having certain waste materials after. So it was confusing. I hope these lessons clarifies a few things.

    • Hi Mary! I hope the course is helpful for you! I also have my email address listed in the first email of the series, so if you ever run into any questions that you don’t see answered in the course, just let me know & I’m happy to help. :)

  3. Shay says:

    This is perfect. I have only made hot process soap because the cold process is too intimidating.

    • Hi Shay! I hope you enjoy the course! I find cold process even easier than hot process (less steps), so I think you’ll have great success with it! Just let me know if you run into any questions along the way. :)

  4. Shay says:

    Jan, do you have a lip balm recipe that is perfect for men? Something without any shine. Where i live, guys and my sons will not use anything balm with any hint of a shine. It must have beeswax. Looking for a “chapstick” lip balm.

  5. King Sze Ngo says:

    Thank you so much, is being so many years that I want to do this project, but don’t know how to start, now is the time, thank you dear

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you for sharing. I think I have everyting need to make my first soap, I am just nervous. Hopefully your courses will get me over my nervousness.

  7. Kerry says:

    Sounds like fun! Just hope I can get all the oils, I’m in the UK and won’t use Palm, will wait and see!

  8. nurat busari says:

    Tnksn grtful am ready to learn from u

  9. julie says:

    I’m very excited about this. I just bought your book “Simple and Natural Soapmaking” and want to try them ALL . . . a little overwhelmed by which and what to start with. Thanks.

  10. Liz says:

    Thanks Jan, I’ve learnt so much from your books already, but there is always more to know about soap!

  11. Cathy says:

    Is there a time limit for getting started? I’m not able to give any time to the course for about another week.

  12. M says:

    I am OVERWHELMED by some of the recipes online so very happy to have a basics course. thanks!

  13. Michelle says:

    Ive been contemplating for years. Now’s the time. Thank you.


  14. Michele Staff says:

    I’ve been seeing Chamomile as an ingredient in a lot of the various product recipes. Due to severe allergies I’m interested in a substitute for it. Any recommendations?

  15. Michelle says:

    Hi I unable submit my email.
    It came out email invalid. Pls add
    *** Thanks

    • Hi Michelle, Thanks for letting me know! It looks like you already signed up once in November, so that might be causing a little tech hangup. I input your name again & hopefully you should see the first email soon. If not, just let me know! :)

  16. Angie says:

    Hi Jan,

    I have your book “Simple and Natural Soapmaking” and I want to tell you it’s really beautifull. It have so many recipes that I want to try.

    I write you because I had a problem with the “Cambrian blue cooling salt bars” recipe, sorry I wasn’t sure where to put my question since I couldn’t find any salt soap recipes in your blog.

    I followed the recipe, but I used green clay instead of the cambrian blue clay and I used lemongrass and rosemary E.O.

    My bars have about 3 weeks curing and I just tried one bar, my problems is it doesn’t lather at all! maybe salt bars doesn’t lather so much, but my case is really extreme.

    It was my fist time with salt bars, do yo have any suggestion about what could be the problem? I used organic refined coconut oil from Costco and plain sea salt from my local grocery store.

    And, do you think I can fix this batch? Maybe rebatching? I was thinking of making another batch without salt and incorporate the salt soap grated.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    BTW, I made the Pumpkin Oatmeal Soap recipe and that turned out terrific!

    Regards from Mexico.

    • Hi Angie! That’s great that the Pumpkin Oatmeal Soap turned out well for you! Sorry to hear about the lather issue with the salt bars!
      With salt bars, it takes a bit to work up the lather; using a bath scrubber pouf/puff can really help too.
      The added salt will diminish lather, so one thing you could try next time you make this is to reduce the overall amount of salt. Instead of 28 ounces, you could try half that much (14 oz) or even less if you’d like.
      You could also substitute part of the sunflower/sweet almond oil with castor oil, which can help boost lather. After several more weeks of curing, you may find you like them better. (I know some soapers that cure soaps like that for 6+ months before using.)
      That’s a wonderful idea to make a new batch of the recipe (or pure coconut oil soap), without salt, and add in the grated salt bars. (You could swap out around 1.5 oz of the sunflower oil for castor oil, in the new batch.) I think that should turn out well! :)

  17. Camille says:

    I signed up for this mini course in November, but am just now getting time to ACTUALLY make soap. Im so excited! I know you sent each lesson because I read them when they arrived in my email, but now I can’t find #3 and #6. I probably deleted them by accident. Is there any way you could re-send them?
    Thank you –

    • Yay, how exciting! Yes, I’m happy to send you email #3 and #6. I’ll send them over to you right now! Let me know if you don’t spot them in your inbox soon & if they aren’t hiding in your spam/trash/junk folder.

  18. Margaret says:

    where can I get supplies?

  19. Abbie says:

    I love the design you used in image for this post!The green melting into the white soap. what is it called? Do you have any tutorials on how to do it?

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  21. Laura says:

    Hi Jan! I’ve been looking into starting to make my own soaps for me and maybe others if I have the confidence to! I might very well sign up for this course, but I do have a question. Is it worth investing in one of those soap starter kits that comes with all the basic essentials?

    By the way, your blog is super inspirational in making DIY soap crafting not seem as overwhelming as I thought it might be!

    • Hi Laura! So glad that you find the blog helpful! :) I personally bought a starter kit early in my soapmaking days & enjoyed using it. It’s nice to have everything you need right in one spot. If you plan to make a lot of soap, then it’s more economical to buy the ingredients separately, but if you’re just starting out & not sure if you’ll want to stick with the hobby, then a soap kit might be just the thing! :)