6 Weeks of Soapmaking Success

Natural Soaps


** Thanks for your interest in this course! It’s currently closed to new students, but keep an eye out for my newsletter notification for when it re-opens this fall!


(NOTE: The free price was a limited time offer specifically for those who pre-ordered the book before the August 8 release date & is now expired. When the class returns in the fall it will be open to everyone at regular price.)


The course dives deeper into six areas of soapmaking that can seem extra challenging or intimidating to soapmakers. Each lesson will equip you with information (including video demos) to help you experience further success in your soapmaking adventures.

  • Lesson 1: Success with Fruits & Veggies
  • Lesson 2: Success with Flowers & Herbs
  • Lesson 3: Success with Alternative Liquids
  • Lesson 4: Success with Natural Colorants
  • Lesson 5: Success with Simple Soap Designs
  • Lesson 6: Success with Soap Label Design


Natural Soaps


6 Weeks Soapmaking Success Course


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36 Responses to 6 Weeks of Soapmaking Success

  1. Deb Krease says:

    I just pre-ordered the book and am so excited to receive it!
    I do have one question that I didn’t see addressed here:
    How long will we have access to the course?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Deb! That’s a great question! Once you’re enrolled in the course, you have lifetime access! You just want to be sure to do the full enrollment steps while the cost is still free, but you can access it anytime after that. :)

  2. Sandi Henderson says:

    I pre-ordered my book, but now I’m sad as it wasn’t thru here! I wasn’t aware I could here.

  3. Anna says:

    I am ordering your book right now 7/14/17 at 12:07 am. One (first) class was on the 13th. Does that mean that I will not be able to partake in the first class? I hope that I can take all of the classes as offered by ordering the book. Please respond to my inquiry and please let me know how I can take the first class, the one that is offered on the 13th of July. Thank you!
    I very much like your posts on instagram and always look forward to them. Thank you for all the effort that you put into making the posts a joy to look at and to read. I am inspired by the information that you provide to try soap, salve, lip balm etc making. Ordered the book:) can’t wait to see the classes and learn what you teach. Thank you again!

    • Hi Anna! You’ll have access to all of the classes. New ones will be releasing on certain dates, but all of the ones already released can be accessed any time in the course. :)
      Thank you for the kind words – I’m so glad that you enjoy the Instagram posts and recipes! I appreciate the pre-order too! :)

  4. Anna says:

    Thank you for emailing a link to classes connected to the book order.

  5. Ellie Strand says:

    I love the free course included with the pre-order of your new book. I also love the plastic containers you use in the videos, but don’t know where you got them. Can you post a link, please?

    • Hi Ellie, I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the course! :) I bought the containers used in the videos from the paint section of my local Lowes, but I’ve seen them in other stores too. They’re called Measure-Right Mixing Containers by United Solutions. I use the 2 1/2 quart (2,37 L) one for making the soap batch and the smaller 1 quart (3/4 L) ones for lye solution.

  6. Louise Agustin says:

    Hi,Is your new book for beginners as well?

  7. Leslee says:

    Hi Jan,

    Just writing to let you know I figured out how to sign up for your Bonus Course. I hope you receive this before you answer my about email. I am very excited! Last time I tried making soap was over 20 years ago. Glad I found you and your book!

  8. Susan Thordsen says:

    Hi Jan, I can’t seem to find your e-book-Handmade Lotions and Creams? It was to be released in May but I can’t find it. Can you send a link to me?

    • Hi Susan! Thank you for checking! I decided to postpone that project until later in the year so I could *really* test the various natural preservatives out there for 6+ months instead of a shorter time period. I’ll be sure to update here and in my newsletter when it’s ready! :)

  9. Penny Canchola says:

    I pre-ordered simple natural soaps from Amazon
    I was supposed to get an email for a free 6 weeks successful soapmaking as part of a promotion by ordering before August 8 .. I have filled out the link on your page
    several times but still have not received an email for the course .

    • Hi Penny, I’m so sorry to hear that! It looks like your email address bounces back immediately. Should that be gmail.com instead of mail.com? I sent an email to your address, just changing it to gmail instead of mail. If that’s not correct or you don’t get it, just let me know & I’m happy to help further troubleshoot! :)

  10. Dawn says:

    Hi Jan, your soaps are beautiful! Do you cover how to calculate and make your own recipes and/or use soap calculators in the book and e-course? Thanks!

  11. Wendy Joubert says:

    Hi Jan,
    How do you clean up lye water if you accidentally spill it?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Wendy! I wear gloves and wipe it up with rags or paper towels, then wipe back over everything with a rag dampened with water or soapy water (using something like Dawn). Then I like to wipe over everything one more time with plain water. Some like to use vinegar for wiping up after lye as well.

  12. Carla Almaraz says:

    Hi Jan. Is there a way to download or print the course? That would allow me to take the pages to my soaping location. I’m a senior who doesn’t remember as much these days. I was so glad to find your site as all the natural colors and simplicity appeals to me. Thank you.

  13. Carla Almaraz says:

    Duh. I just found the link to download. Sorry!!

  14. Sharon Powell says:

    Hi Jan! I had preordered your book through Amazon and didn’t receive an email for the successful soaping series;(. looking forward to receiving your new book, thank you!

  15. tracie clark says:

    Hello Jan, I just ordered your book today?
    do you know when you will offer classes again?

  16. Sue says:

    Hi Jan,
    I really loved the six weeks of soap I making success class. I was stuck making the same soap recipe over and over again. Now I have a lot of new recipes and ideas to try. I can’t figure out how to get back into the class to rewatch some videos though. Can you explain how to get to it?
    Thank you,

  17. Sue Danic says:

    Hi Jan, my book just arrived from Amazon this week. Is there any way that I am eligible to take the soap making course in September?

  18. Linda says:

    While awaiting info on your fall class, can we still purchase the book? How will you know to be eligible for the free class? Thanks!

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