Simple & Natural Soapmaking

Create Natural & Beautiful Soaps

With this comprehensive new guide, herbalist Jan Berry presents 50 easy, unique soap recipes with ingredients and scents inspired by the herb garden, veggie garden, farm, seaside, forest and more.

Featured resources are Jan's handy guides to common soapmaking essential oils and their properties, oil and milk infusions with healing herbs, plus a natural colorants gallery showcasing more than 50 soaps that span the rainbow.

Soap crafters of all levels will enjoy referencing this book for years to come!

“If you enjoy the simple beauty of natural soaps, the recipes within these pages are literally made for you! They cover the full gamut from basic recipes for beginners to more complex creations perfect for experienced soapmakers.”

- Kenna Cote, Modern Soapmaking

“Even as a seasoned soapmaker I am excited by this book! Beautiful photos, appealing soap recipes and in-depth tutorials make this soapmaking book a gem for your permanent soaping library.”

- Rebecca Dillon, Soap Deli News

Take a Look Inside:

“Jan Berry is such an inspiration to me and many others. Her books are a must-have whether you are a beginner or an experienced soap maker. With her many years of experience with herbs and natural soap making, you'll definitely learn something new.”

- Tina Moenck, Natural Suds N More

"This book will be a great addition to any soapmaker's library. A terrific guide for beginners and a helpful reference for the experienced.”

- Elin Criswell, The Country Soaper

“This book is a very thorough resource for a brand-new soapmaker, with fun ideas for someone with more experience as well. I love that the recipes contain all natural ingredients with helpful tips for working with natural colorants and suggestions for oil substitutions.”

- Amy Warden, Great Cakes Soapworks

“This book is gorgeous and will coax the novice soap maker to dive into soapmaking with joy. The recipes are challenging enough to keep the experienced soapmaker interested, while learning creative techniques from the herbalists’ repertoire."

- Chris Dalziel, Joybilee Farm


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