Recycling A Feed Bag Into A Tote Bag

I never intended this blog to be a recipes only blog, but somehow, I’ve been posting those more than anything! I’ve been in something of a sewing/crafty mood lately, so now seems to be a good time to switch things up a bit. Not that I’m abandoning recipes or anything of course.

I used to sew a lot and really enjoyed it until my daughter was about a year and a half old. I was working on her Halloween costume and thought I had the hot iron high enough out of her reach until I heard a scream right behind me and discovered she had managed to grab it! We spent hours in the ER and I felt terrible, horrible, and like the world’s worst mother for letting that happen! I put away the sewing machine (and iron!) and except for a brief stint of sewing cloth diapers for my son the next year, I didn’t sew again until they were much older.

Look at this pitiful sight of my baby showing me her hurt hand:

Though she did look adorable in her princess costume. The costume that only cost hundreds of dollars when it was all said and done!

Anyway, moving past the mommy guilt! As soon as I saw this idea of making a tote from a feed bag at Fresh Eggs Daily I had to try it out. Feed bags accumulate fast around here and this seemed like a great way to reuse them instead of adding more clutter to the landfill.

It was very easy, took well under an hour and that was including the multiple times I had to chase the puppy out of my work area and the other time that the puppy sat on the sewing machine pedal while I had it switched on and made a huge giant knot in my thread that took several minutes to untangle from my machine’s innards. Fortunately, puppy did not lick the iron or anything to add to my sewing-related guilt load. Whew.

I plan to make several more; I think they will be great for toting stuff down to the creek versus our usual canvas bags that seem to be mud magnets, but don’t wash up well. They aren’t exactly water-proof, but they are water resistant and dirt wipes off easily with a damp rag. Perfect for my mud monkeys!

Here’s my son using it to carry four dozen eggs to Grandma next door.

I didn’t post instructions on here since I think Fresh Eggs Daily did a great job in her post. Make sure you check it out here!



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6 Responses to Recycling A Feed Bag Into A Tote Bag

  1. Jane says:

    Very cool! I love sewing too, just don’t get to it that often! I can’t believe your daughter grabbed the iron – I bet she didn’t touch it again! I can only imagine how you felt!! I have been meaning to make a bag like that – thanks for the inspiration! BTW, it is my intention to come up with a GF cinnamon bread (from your last post), I just haven’t gotten to it yet! Your bread looked sooo good!

    • Jan says:

      Ohhh I do hope you get to create a GF cinnamon bread! :) The totes were super fun to make; I’ve already dragged more feed bags up and have them on my porch ready to rinse out so I can make more!

  2. ginny says:

    Since you have your Etsy Shop up and open consider selling some of your tote bags for a small price. I like them and when I saw them it was the first thing I thought of. Love you and your website (blog).

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for the idea Ginny! I do need to make some more of these bags. My mother-in-law gave me the prettiest bird seed bags quite a while back and requested I make her some with them. I had shamefully forgotten about that – I need to go dig them out and get to sewing! :)

  3. Ann Murray says:

    Are your darling bags for sale ?
    I would love to buy some.
    Thanks !

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