Pure Soapmaking Book Review

Giveaway & Review of Pure Soapmaking Book

If you’ve been making, or thinking about making, soap for any length of time now, you’ve likely ran across Anne-Marie Faiola (aptly known as “The Soap Queen“) on the internet.

One thing I particularly admire about Anne-Marie, besides the tons of free content and advice she generously shares, is that she’s one of the most upbeat and encouraging people around.

I love supporting people that help make the world a more positive and better place, and when they’re a soap making enthusiast as well – all the better!

So, when I heard that her next book on soapmaking would feature natural additives and ingredients, I immediately zipped over to Amazon to put my preorder in.

Right before it was ready to release though, Bramble Berry contacted me to see if I’d like a copy of the book, along with the “Annatto & Yarrow Cold Process Kit” to review.

Of course, I said yes!


Ingredients in Annatto Yarrow Soap Making Kit

When the kit arrived I was surprised by how much stuff was in it. You can find a full list of what’s in it HERE.

(Tune in to my next post for a few coordinating projects I made with some of those leftover ingredients!)

I immediately flipped through the book to find the recipe for the Annatto-Yarrow with Embeds soap I was making.

Well, first I got sidetracked oohing and ahhhing over all of the pretty photos – but we’ll talk more about the book in a minute. :)


Sample Page from Pure Soapmaking Book

One thing I noticed about the recipe was that it called for palm oil. As a palm-free soaper, I’d need to replace that, but that could easily be worked around.

(Counting the basic recipe in the start section, 15 of the 33 recipes in the book are already palm free – a refreshing change from the usual soap books out there!)

For this particular recipe, I subbed the palm out equally with lard, but if you’d like to stick with vegetable oils, you may find THIS POST helpful.


Here’s how my soap turned out. Not quite like the book, and I got a few spots of soda ash on top, but close enough to count!

Annatto Yarrow Soap Recipe from the Pure Soapmaking Book


Now, let’s talk about the book!

First off, it’s truly one of the most beautiful books I’ve seen. Everything from the cover to the photos is just gorgeous.

I can tell a tremendous amount of care and time went into the making of it.

It’s loaded with valuable information and would make an excellent addition to any soapmaker’s home library.

Flipping through, I saw a ton of soaps that would be fun to make.

Sample Buttermilk Honey Recipe from Pure Soapmaking Book


My favorite part of the book is pages 49 to 53, where Anne-Marie talks about adding clay and herbals and has some helpful photos comparing those natural colorants in fresh soap to how they looked 5 months later. (An excellent reference!)

Since some of the book’s recipes call for nature-identical (lab made) colorants such as oxides, which are a bit controversial as to where they fall on the spectrum of natural, these pages also give substitution ideas for those who prefer to avoid manmade colorants altogether.

(If this describes your soapmaking style, you may also be interested in reading this informative series of posts over at Modern Soapmaking – (1) Coloring Soap Naturally, (2) How to Make Infusion for Soapmaking, (3) How to Use Plant Infusions in Soap Making & (4) Using Natural Colorants in Your Lye Solution.)

I also really loved that the book is hardcover with a spiral binding that lays nice and flat when you’re trying to follow a recipe.


The contest to win this book is now closed. Comment #14 is the winner! Thanks everyone for entering! :)

winner of soap queen book


Want a copy of this great book?

You can purchase Pure Soapmaking right now HERE on Amazon or HERE at Bramble Berry.

Those links to Amazon & Bramble Berry are affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I earn a small commission for sending a customer their way. This helps support my blog and lets me keep doing what I do. Thank you! :) 

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291 Responses to Pure Soapmaking Book Review

  1. Sybil says:

    I love the magic of soap, chemistry in action. My favorite soaps are the creamy ones like those made with goat’s milk. My friend makes a hair conditioner bar that feels decadent.

    • Diana Douglas says:

      I am looking forward to learning how to make a light, soft soap for bathing my grandchildren.

  2. Charlene says:

    It looks like an awesome book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Heather Allen says:

    I have made soap at a few workshops, have the material to start, but have been hesitant in my abilities.
    It don’t even know what my favorite is yet!

  4. I love almond soap.

  5. Gail says:

    My favorite so far is shaving soap with calendula and plantain infused oils with some clay. Reading the post, cucumber mint sounds wonderful.
    I’m new to soaping and everything so far has come from researching on the internet.
    That’s how I found your site! : )

  6. Dianah Cortez says:

    I’ve been wanting to get into making my own soap for a while and this book and that kit look amazing! I have a soft spot in my heart for rosemary mint or peppermint and lime.

  7. Donna says:

    I love calendula soap. I save all my calendula flowers and infuse it in grapeseed oil and make my soap with that and coconut oil. Its great. I am going to try some lemon balm to see how that works.

  8. Izzy says:

    This book looks wonderful! The next soap I want to make is your baby carrot soap. That one is at the top of my list. And one of your clay based soaps too! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway.

  9. Lara Baumann says:

    I’ve wanted to make soap for awhile. This book sounds awesome.

  10. Chris McCory says:

    What I liked about this week’s newsletter was the opportunity to get acquainted with another like-minded person – Anne-Marie Faiola. You describe her as “upbeat and encouraging” and as a fellow-spirit who wants to help make the world a better place. Those kinds of accolades sent me directly to her website so I could sign up of HER newsletter, as well. Add to that the opportunity to experience soap making, a tactic I have been exploring because of the artificial fragrances in commercial soaps that immediately spark an allergic reaction in me),

    Although I only recently began receiving your newsletters, I am extremely happy about the amazing things you share with us. Thank you!

  11. Michele says:

    I love making soap! oatmeal scrubby soap and lavender is my favorite! I also never win these things :(

  12. Karolyn K. says:

    My favorite soap is Frankincences with pomegranate oil.

  13. Janet says:

    I only know one soap recipe and need a kick in the butt to try something new 😀

  14. b says:

    If I win the book I will be using recipes from it to make my next soaps. I would love to win this book!

  15. Lisa says:

    My favorite soaps are lavender and patchouli..I’ve never made my own but would love to learn.

  16. Joyce says:

    I love lavender scented soap. I would love to make my own. Am trying to grow my own lavender as well. Hope it turns out ok!!!

  17. Barbara says:

    I’ve been wanting to try making soap for years, but time and circumstances prevented it. This will be the year and I want to start with the Aleppo soap you posted a few days ago!

  18. Ginny Tyler says:

    I’ve never made soap before but would love to learn how to! I love the smell of oatmeal soap, so that would probably be my first project. Thanks!

  19. Brenda Yirsa says:

    I have never made soap yet but have lots of cream from my beautiful Jerseys and would like to learn how to use it besides in my tea!

  20. Tracy says:

    I love lilac scented soaps. I’m also anxious to try making a conditioner bar.

  21. Melanie says:

    Goat milk soap is always up next for me! I fell in love with it and yet to find something my skin likes better. I love making soap!

  22. Jennifer says:

    Coconut Lime soap is one of my favorites. This looks like a gorgeous and useful book. I love the Brambleberry website. I also totally appreciatethe fact that they now have many phthalate free fragrance oils. I had too many people request bath and body works scents. So I compromised and found p phthalate free at least. When I started making soap I found “1” small family business that sold high quality phthalate free fragrance oils to supplement my essential oil soap scents. Now I have several even though scents are limited. I still prefer only essential oils but many people don’t so this is my compromise. Thanks to Brambleberry and to you for a chance for this book.

  23. Kristi says:

    HI Jan! I’m thinking about maybe making a lotion bar of some sort. :D

  24. Sherry Willis says:

    goat milk soap

  25. Andrea B says:

    I’ve just started my soapmaking adventures — so far my favourites are the ones made with clay. Next, I’d like to try an oatmeal & honey soap!

  26. I would like to learn how to make artsy colorful soap.

  27. Vicki says:

    My favourite soap is Dead Sea Mud soap. Naaah, on second thought, I think it’s avocado soap. Nope, it’s yoghurt soap! Definitely yoghurt soap!… No wait… oh heck. :/

  28. sarah keiser says:

    I love calendula, goat milk soap!

  29. Laura says:

    I LOVE the dandelion soap…picking dandelions in our yard all this week…so excited!!

  30. Kathy says:

    Today is the first time I will be making soap. I came to your site because I’m using your Oatmeal & Honey Recipe! I’m excited and nervous! Here goes…….

  31. Janel says:

    So my favorite soaps are made with honey. I am a beekeeper so I love making products that are made with gifts from the hive – so many natural benefits! I wonder how propolis can be incorporated in soap. I am pleased that for over a year now, I’ve been natural, no harmful chemicals on my body and hair since I know what I put in the soap/shampoo bars I make.

  32. Laurel says:

    I can’t wait to try making your springtime violet soap next.

  33. Karen Knabe says:

    I also love honey oatmeal soaps with almond/cherry scent! I have wanted to make soap for a long time and am in the process of putting ingredients together to start. Looking forward to this, thank you.

  34. I’d love to use this book for soapmaking. I am a newbie to cold process…We have fallen on hard times and I needed to find an outlet for creativity while waiting for a call to a new place. I am going to be making tomato basil soap and trying my hand at goat milk soap using my friends goat….Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this delightful book!

  35. ellie says:

    I’ve been really wanting to try making soap with shea butter, I’ve only made goat milk and coconut milk soaps so far.

  36. Lisa says:

    I have never made my own soap. Would love to try. My favourite soap to date is made with olive oil. I buy it from a lady once a year in bulk when I am away as she only sells it at the country handmade market. It is all natural and extremely nice on my fussy skin. The mango and cucumber ones are my favourite as far as smells go but the pure olive one is the best on my skin. :-) I recently tried some goats milk soap but as lovely as it was presented it still dried my skin too much.

  37. Barbara JT says:

    Last week I made your oatmeal and honey soap – my first attempt and now am ready to dive in an try many more. Your explanations are perfect and the result was great! I just picked dandelion flowers this afternoon to make infused oil. Your help has been invaluable!

  38. Katja Cooper says:

    I just made the cucumber & mint soap. It is curing & I can’t wait to try it. I am a new soaper, love your site. Thank you!

  39. Joni says:

    This book looks absolutely awesome! I love making soap and since I raise dairy and also meat goats, I always, always use my goat milk in recipes.
    I also have several herb gardens so of course I like using my herbs. I’d love to make the recipes in this book!

  40. Arnie Adam says:

    You know…I have never made soap. It’s one of those things on my list of “someday I’m going to find the time to do this.” This would certainly push it off that list and onto my “to do” list. I think almond would be lovely.

  41. Liz says:

    I know it’s pretty cliche, but I have an affinity for oatmeal, milk, and honey soaps. The smell and the creamy look and feel are just so luxurious.

  42. I’m making your Cucumber Soap next and Hollyhock Soap this summer :)

  43. Nicki Zamarelli says:

    I’m planning to make Aleppo soap next!

  44. MoKa Pottery says:

    I bought a M&P base last year and still haven’t done anything with it, because I thought I had to spend a fortune on artificial colours and fragrances, that I’m not really keen on, but having read yours and other blogs I realise there’s lots I can do with things in my pantry and a few carefully chosen essential oils.

    I’ve started gathering dandelions to make your salve, and maybe make some infused oil for use later on

    I’m going to try some oatmeal and honey additions to this base to use it up, with some tea tree and lavender for a fab face soap, but I’ve now got CP soap firmly in my sights so this book would be a great start to making my own natural soaps. 😀

  45. Dee says:

    The buttermilk soap sounds awesome!

  46. Krystal H. says:

    My favorite soap to date is a recipe I found called “Kitchen Soap”. It’s made with extremely strong brewed coffee in the lye mixture and claims to get out tough odors, such as onion and garlic, from your hands. Hence, the name “Kitchen Soap”. I added some of the used coffee grounds for an extra coffee scent and exfoliation. I have to tell you, my husband (who has never tried any of the soaps I have made) tried this one in the shower because he was out of his regular store-bought soap. He came out of the bathroom in love with my “Kitchen Soap” because it smelled so good and he said it felt like he had just gotten a good back scratch from the added coffee grounds. So Kitchen Soap is my new favorite (and my husband’s too!).

    My next soap adventure will be making what I am going to call “Manly Soap”. It was inspired by your post of the Taiwan Swirl soap made with charcoal. I am also a fan of the Soap Queen and she herself posted a soap recipe using charcoal only hers had a twist. The lye mixture was made with beer! I would have never dreamed of using beer in soap. I thought to myself, “What better combination for a “manly soap” than charcoal and beer!” So I am merging the recipe from your site and hers to make my “Manly Soap”, scented with cedarwood and rosemary essential oils. I’m also going to attempt a Taiwan Swirl. Although I must admit my swirling skills are lacking, I will nevertheless attempt it – how else am I every going to learn unless I try?

    I really love your website and all of the wonderful, natural recipes you provide for more than just soap. It gives me a sense of adventure in trying something new and at the same time makes me feel good about making something that I know will be safe for my body and health and that of my loved ones.

  47. Alicia says:

    I just made Bourbon Whiskey Soap and it is my new all time favorite. It smells divine and looks so pretty

  48. Heather Elizabeth says:

    I just love making soap! Right now I’m making an unscented rose clay with chia seeds mixed in. I want to make all of the unusual recipes you’ve shared with us. Forsythia is on my list to try next.

  49. Keri Diaz says:

    I really want to make dandelion soap, it sounds magical to me!

  50. Rebecca says:

    Sandalwood soap

  51. jo haslauer says:

    Thank you so much for referencing my Modern Soapmaking articles. I also have Anne-Marie’s book and it is fabulous, a great reference and I agree with you about the binding its fantastic. The information in Pure Soapmaking is wonderful and a great resource for soapers at all levels.

  52. Carolsue says:

    I like soaps with a “foodie” smell — vanilla, chocolate, oatmeal, etc.

  53. Patti says:

    I’ve been purchasing goat milk soap from a farmer/soap maker on etsy for 5-6 yrs. I love the scent, oatmeal honey, and knowing what’s in it, how the ingredients were sourced and how it leaves my skin feeling. I would love to try and make something similar.

  54. Chrissy says:

    Lately I’ve been wanting to make a coconut lime soap!

  55. Paul McGarry says:

    I fell is love with a Turkish Camomile and lemon super fatted soap. It was so luxurious (and costly) that it has had me wanting to try to make something like it for myself.

  56. Carolyn Schwartz says:

    I make Goat milk soap! Love milk soaps

  57. Diane H says:

    Next on my list is forsythia soap. I’ve got the infusion made and ready to go.

    Thanks for being so kind and sharing your knowledge.

  58. Erin says:

    I’ve collected everything I need to start making my own soaps, but I’m a little intimidated so I haven’t jumped in yet. We have mint and lemon balm growing wild all over our farm, so I’m excited to use them for my first try!

  59. Catherine says:

    I love lavender botanical soap

  60. I love cold process goat milk soap. My next soap to make is a simple lavender with a loofah top.

  61. Patricia Pajak says:

    I want to make a lemony soap!

  62. Nancy Rogers says:

    I would love to make chamomile spearmint soap 💕

  63. Shelley Silk says:

    I would love to start making soap. It’s the next step in our homestedding plan to self sufficiency.

  64. Leslie Bauer says:

    I love soap with oatmeal in it. Right now my favorite is spearmint with oatmeal. It is so refreshing in the morning and really wakes you up :)

  65. Robyn says:

    I love lavender soap!

  66. Debra Tyler says:

    Handmade calendula soap is a small luxury that everyone can afford to make for themselves and their family. It’s always a pleasure to make and gift.

  67. Jen Winegar says:

    On my list to try: Charcoal, clay, dandelion. Love the violet blossom soap I made from your recipe.

  68. Deborah says:

    Candula soap is on my list. I grew candula flowers, dried them and now need to infuse them in oil. Your question has given me the jump start to get going on this!

  69. Frances says:

    I am currently experimenting with goat milk soap and would love to be the owner of such a book.
    I am just realizing that the sky is the limit in the varieties one can make.

  70. Pingback: Calendula Bath Melts & Body Butter Recipes – The Nerdy Farm Wife

  71. Phyllis Awkard says:

    I have just recently started my “plan” for making all natural soap. Up until now, I’ve only used micas, and fo or EO to scent. I want to make a soap infused with oils infused with mint and scented with Jasmine and Rose floral waxes. The soap will be colored with natural colorants. I make hot process soap but am very good at modifying cp recipes.

  72. Allison says:

    I’d love to try making a shampoo bar next.

  73. Leslie says:

    I would love to make goat milk soaps. I haven’t tried them but would love to! Thanks

  74. Kathy says:

    I need this book lto help me take the dive and make soap;It’s been a long time desire, I make creams, lotions etc…

  75. Jessica S. says:

    I love Peppermint Patty soap!

  76. Adell Aubert says:

    We’ve been making soap for our home use for almost 6 months now, and we’d never go back to store bought! We use lard from our pigs and honey/beeswax from our hives. My favorite scent is a combination of mint and lemon. I’m researching how to make the best shampoo bar at the moment, so this book would definitely come in handy! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  77. Elizabeth says:

    You know, that Annato-Yarrow soap looks lovely. It looks even better palm-free!

    Bramble berry and you are awesome!

  78. Carla says:

    I would love to win the book. I have been to a soap class and have made melt and pour soaps, but want to actually delve into making CP soap and other things. Thanks for all your information.

  79. Jessica says:

    I love pumpkin spice soap. Or coffee soap. Or rose petal soap. Or lemongrass. Or…. many others. I heart homemade soap! I have yet to make it, but it’s on my “need to do this myself soon” list! Moving is our first agenda. :) A friend made orange clove soap, oh my goodness it was awesome. I felt so blessed to be gifted a slice! Anyway, this book is on my wishlist. I’ll be getting it later in the year most likely, unless I win one! Thank you for the chance! :)

  80. I enjoy the challenge of making soaps with natural colorants–they’re not as foolproof or predictable as lab-made ones. They are still a lot of colorants that I’d like to try, but madder root and turmeric are two of my favorites.

  81. Ex-Army Girl says:

    I am so excited about this!! I plan on trying to make a sea salt acne bar for my young pre-teen daughter. She’s been having puberty related acne problems since she was almost 11yrs old. I also want to make a 100% lard soap for my mom who has trouble with soap allergies. I don’t know which one will be the first project though. I think this book would be a great addition to my library of homemade things.

  82. Jane Sewell says:

    My favorite soap is the charcoal goat milk soap that I make. It gets rid of acne and is antioxidant so it gets rid of all kinds of yucky stuff on your skin.

    • Ex-Army Girl says:

      Jane Sewell, that sounds like a lovely soap & I would love to know more about it. Mayhap you might be willing to share your recipe even?

      Thanks Jan, for all you do here & the knowledge you freely share!!

  83. Jen says:

    I love making goats milk soap but am anxious to try a coconut milk soap recipe!

  84. Amanda Z says:

    So far I’ve only made very basic cold process soap (olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oils). I’m expanding my garden and growing more herbs and flowers, and now I’m looking into soaps using them – infused oils, whole flowers in soaps, etc. This book looks like a wonderful resource!

  85. Marisa Allen says:

    I have never made CP soap (yet!!) but it’s my dream to do so when my kids are a little older. They’re 7, 5, 3, and 1 right now, so we’re a little busy. :) I do make lip balms and body butters! And I love lavender and tea tree together.

  86. RaDora Dinnan says:

    This looks so great! I have always loved handmade soap and I’m about to delve into this world of soap making. My favorite would be an oatmeal almond soap.

  87. Charlotte says:

    I’m going to make your dandelion soap. The kids picked the dandelions for me and I’m just waiting for a sunny day so I can soap outside.

    Thank you!

  88. Monica says:

    I’ve watched soap being made, but I have never made it myself. This would be a good time to start. Maybe with a recipe for one that helps with itchy skin.

  89. Jane says:

    Actually I’ve never made soap but want to get started. I just attended a soap making demonstration and have stalked your website for quite a while :) I guess it’s time to jump in. Maybe a copy of this book would help me get going!

  90. Donna bramante says:

    Hi, I am very new to soap making. My reason for starting was for the health of my family, friends and me. I have been wishing to make soap in the tall and skinny mold! Maybe a wonderful loaf of pumkin:)))

  91. Lauren D says:

    I’d love to make a sea-salt shampoo bar! I had a sea salt shampoo once and my hair was so amazing and soft and luxurious, but I’d love to have it in a bar.

  92. Amy M says:

    I love using oils that have been infused with herbs to make soap. Love the added benefits.

  93. Debbie says:

    love making soap. my favorite…goats milk or dandelion
    Would love to learn more.

  94. Sheila Kerr says:

    I have two dear friends with eczema so I want to make a soap for them that will help keep their skin moisturized. I love making soap for friends!

  95. Janna says:

    I would like to try recipes using techniques and ingredients I have not tried before. Thank you for this opportunity :)

  96. M. says:

    I learned soap making from an “aging hippy” and she was an excellent teacher. I use her recipe/formula most often and absolutely LOVE it. Thanks!

  97. Betty Miller says:

    I love making goat milk soap. My favorite additive is clay. My specialty soaps are an acne bar and one for poison ivy. You can see them at http://www.skintasticreations.net

  98. Sheila Peoples says:

    I want to make Beer Soap for my husband. I want to use his favorite beer in place of the distilled water. I’ll use the Honey and Leather Fragrance oil from Bramble Berry. It smells amazing. Hope to give this to him for Father’s Day.

  99. Larry Galante says:

    I want to make a lemongrass soap, possibly with honeycomb for texture and scrubbing :)

  100. JenS says:

    I love eucalyptus mint soap, and or any soap I’ve made with my daughter’s girl scout troop!

  101. Joni says:

    I’d love toake a simple shampoo bar!

  102. LeeAnn Campos says:

    I am still a soap making “rookie”, in my first year of soap experimenting to find recipes I like or dislike. So far I think I’ve done more research, reading every book, magazine, and blog I can find as well as watching & subscribing to YouTube soap channels. Once I discovered soap making I was hooked!!

    So I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kaolin Clays, especially PINK!!
    I really like how the clays look & feel in the finished soap.

    I’ve also been wanting to make whipped soap but haven’t worked up the nerve… YET. 😬

  103. Marcie Poulson says:

    I make goat milk soap only – trying to keep from drinking all my Nigerian Goat Milk (12 1/2% fat) A youthful figure is a dim memory🙂

    It would love to make a good shampoo bar, mine smelled great but was too heavy. Love all naturals ! Also, I would like to try imbeds – so much to learn, so little time.

  104. Carolyn says:

    Absolutely would love to win this :). I am wanting to try a whipped soap. Love goats milk and lavender or aotmeal and honey.

  105. Gail Thomas says:

    Just one old goat that adores making soap! This old goat would love to learn new recipes and techniques! I thank you for this opportunity!

  106. Yvonne Gaines says:

    I enjoy making CP soap as I can try new designs much easier…Cocoa Mint is my favorite scent

  107. lianne staten says:

    i have no idea what my favorite will be as i have yet to make soap but if i had to choose from my many pinterest saves it would be one of the swirls! i love the way they look

  108. Olwyn Mason says:

    My favourite soap is always the one I have just made, however my super favourite was one I made last week with a friend who wanted to know what soap making was all about and could I show her. I am no expert but could not pass up the opportunity of sharing such a joyful experience. Another friend wanted to join in so I put her to work on colours and fragrance. I must say she outdid herself on concocting a fragrance using all the right notes and her colour choices were superb. They now want to repeat the experience so I need to up my game I think.
    I am not from USA so I know this probably disqualifies me from entering the competition but just wanted to share with you the social delights of soapmaking.

  109. Patti Doyle says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve not made soap in years but am longing to get back into it. When I was making it, my favorites were Calendula, Lavender and Rose Petal soaps (made with my own home grown flowers). My daughter-in-law became interested in soap making a few years ago and I loaned her most of my molds, but I held some back – I knew it would be only a matter of time before I’d be back soap making myself.

  110. Lisa says:

    I love goats milk soap and adding clay to soap. I want to try embedding soon. Would like to learn to more!

  111. charity dobing says:

    I want to try piping soap, it looks so beautiful! Whipped soap would definitely be a very close second choice!

  112. Richard says:

    We’re making soap in our Transitions program for special needs young adults to sell at the Farmers Market. I’m the ‘soap guy’ so I get to choose the recipes. I’ve noticed that nearly all of our soaps are green, so I just got some woad to try a blue soap. Looking for a likely ‘blue soap’ recipe.

  113. Alannah says:

    I love honeysuckle and Jasmine. I just took a soap making class and am waiting for my soap to dry out so I can use it. It’s bergamot scented with yarrow for texture. I can’t wait to make more soap!

  114. Khadijah says:

    My favorite soap is made with a high percentage of shea butter and uses carrot oil. Lovely color, and so moisturizing!

  115. The scent I keep coming back to is Brambkeberry’s Sandalwood Vanilla. The last time I soaped it, I used clays (Moroccan and kaolin, I believe) to color it and it had the most GORGEOUS feel on the hands even WITH tons of bubbles!

  116. Kelly says:

    I want to make a rose soap with rose petal-infused oil and rose clay.

  117. Laura Harmon says:

    I would like to have this kit and book to get me started…been trying to round up supplies.

  118. Laurie Chapman says:

    I’m having a blast making funky soaps with beer! My hipster sons and sons-in-law love them and it’s fun to have them come home and be so interested in what I’ve whipped up for them lately! :-)

  119. Julie B says:

    It sounds like a fabulous book, I can’t wait to make some beautiful soaps!

  120. cindy watkins says:

    Love natural soaps, can’t wait to learn some new recipes!!

  121. Fran says:

    I would like to make a charcoal and clay soap

  122. Susan Titus says:

    Every time I walk by a vendor selling soap at a craft fair, I spend several minutes smelling every kind of soap they have. I always come back to mint as my favorite, and think ‘I can make this’, but have not done so yet.

  123. Sherry Mckeen says:

    I have been experimenting with creosote since we have so much of it here in the desert. I have infused it in rice bran oil, which produced a good scent. I next want to make a strong tea that I will use for the lye water to see how the scent lasts. Finally I will try infusing several of the oils, plus the water to see how the scent performs. I am new to soap making so each batch is a learning experience!!!

  124. Elaine says:

    I have been making soap for about a year and have had so much fun. I would love to try goats milk soap next.

  125. Fitri Julicia says:

    I started making soap when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child. It’s crazy to start playing with lye when you’re pregnant but I was hooked on the get go. Getting this book would be a cherry on top of my coming birthday. :)

  126. Soapmaking is one project I have always wanted to try but….a little leary about using lye (I have pets). This looks like an awesome book and has peeked my interest in soapmaking once again. I just might go from pre-made bases to the real thing!!

  127. Chandra says:

    I love making soap but have only ventured into melt an pours have been wanting to make cold press FOREVER but afraid of the lye. Hopefully this book will open a new door for me to do so.

  128. Natalia says:

    I’ve never did soap with fresh plants, and this spring-summer season I plan to do this! I’ll addict a fresh juice from my domestic plants)

  129. Jan Gribble says:

    Coffee soap made with goat milk (from my goats)

  130. I harvested some wild watermint from our farm this weekend. I infused it with some olive oil and I plan on using it to make my goat milk soap with lemongrass essential oil and sea clay.

  131. SharonKC says:

    Honey & Dandelion soap has been my favorite so far…but I just saw the dandelion scrub bar, and I’m already dying to try it! Thanks for the chance.

  132. Cathy says:

    I adore how my skin feels using hand made soaps. I love yogurt and cucumber, beer, salt and brine bars, oh there are so many and not enough room in the shower for them all. I have limited myself to only 12 bars at a time. I need choices!

  133. Heidi Matthews says:

    I make Goat Milk Soap, I love to experiment with different marbling and scents. My farmers market people like to see my new creations and scents.

  134. Rebecca says:

    I am new to making soap, but love it. I especially love soaps high in coconut oil, as these foam beautifully. There are so many different ways you can make soap, and you can make soap from almost anything! Loving this blog.

  135. Michelle Harris says:

    I am really interested in making a very cleansing and moisturizing Gardeners soap next….it’s that time of year for planting and my hands sure could use it!

  136. Darla Fraser says:

    I want to make Lemon Merange Soap

  137. Ruthanne says:

    I have been experimenting with soapmaking since I found out I was allergic to SLS. I love making milk soaps and shampoo bars. I’m trying to work up to trying liquid soap, but there is something exciting about cutting loafs into bars.

  138. Karen B. says:

    My new favorite kind of soaps to make are salt bars. They make your skin feel great!

  139. Tish Allen says:

    calendula soap

  140. Priscilla Jendrzey says:

    I just made my first 2 batches of CP soap, I’m hooked and I can’t wait for them to cure, so I also made a cinnamon vanilla HP with goat’s milk that’s so creamy. I had no idea soaping would be so much fun! But mostly, I’m anxious to try the lavender goat’s milk soap…only 10 more days!

  141. Liz says:

    I’ve bought everything to start, but I’m waiting for summer break. I can’t wait to find out my favorite.

  142. Linda says:

    Would love to try my hand at soapmaking and the book would help a lot!

  143. Elle says:

    I love making soap but have only made plain soap so far, would love to try adding rose and lavender to some soap

  144. Genevieve says:

    I love coffee soap with marc of coffee inside! It scrubs my skin perfectly and wake me up in a seconds!

  145. Laura says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a soap from strawberries!

  146. Vera K says:

    I like soap with a little exfoliating power so I would add oatmeal and I do like the scent of lavender so lavender oatmeal soap!!??

  147. Jill Harris says:

    Every year I try to make a new product out of what my bees provide for me. This year I decided it was going to be soap. I have your new book Jan and this book from Anne Marie Faiola on my wish list. I cant wait to get both this year and try my hand at soap making. My lip balms, foot soaks, bath melts, candles, lotion bars etc have all been a success and you have been a great inspiration to me to try new things. thanks for all you do!!!

  148. Rebecca says:

    I want to make a charcoal soap with lavender essential oil!

  149. kristen oten says:

    I’d love to make a cold process and melt n pour combination soap. I never work with MP so this will be a super fun challenge

    ::rolls up sleeves::

  150. Myndi Elwood says:

    My favorite so far is honey oatmeal soap. I would like to make some soap with plantain infused oils!

  151. Jenna O says:

    I love oils that have soft scent of citrus or strawberry :)

  152. Carol Garman says:

    I love patchouli goat milk soap I make

  153. Carrie says:

    My next soap to try making is Shea Butter soap

  154. Susan says:

    I want to try making your dandelion scrub soap and I have some goat’s milk in the freezer that I want to make soap and lotion from…so thanks for the Amazon link for the lye

  155. Mia says:

    Maybe some orange neroli. Add some oatmeal. Coconut oil too. This book sounds almost as good as yours. Lol.

  156. Mary Jones says:

    I keep buying different natural soaps and would love to make my own but get so confused on which recipes to use. This book would be a wonderful opportunity to get started! I have a friend who has beehives and doesn’t know what to do with his beeswax. I was going to help him sell it but now I’m on a quest to make soap from it. Lemongrass is my all time favorite but love all my essential oils. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for the chance to win the book!!

  157. Jacquie A says:

    I am brand new to soap making. My first batch was a Palm free lavender oat. It is curing in the kitchen. Every time I enter the room, I am greeted by its lovely scent. Thank you for the inspration to create Palm free natural soaps.

  158. Jocelan says:

    Your new book looks like one I need to have,My favourite soap is anything make with lavender in it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
    Blessings Jocelan

  159. Crystal Sell says:

    Oh my that book looks beautiful! And I think your soap turned out wonderful! I would love to try out some of the recipes in this book. Thank you!

  160. vicky says:

    Really enjoying your sight! I can’t wait to try more recipes!

  161. Shayne Hauskins says:

    My next soap will be a beer and bacon grease mens soap! I’m saving up my bacon grease 😁

  162. Jade E says:

    I’ve been wanting to try and make homemade soap for the past few months now and have had the chance until now. I used to reside in California but now live in Dublin, Ireland and I miss the wide range of craft and diy shops where I would be able to purchase these items more readily. I’m quite impressed with your extensive knowledge on this and related subjects and would like to learn more :) The first soap I would try to make is the lavender soap (love the smell)! I would then extend into the face/body cream (rose) and then homemade laundry detergent as I would ultimately make it better for my home and the environment overall. Thanks for sharing and good luck in your ventures!

  163. Miha says:

    Hi, I love making your “Honey&Dandelion” soap recipe and would love to delve further into the soap making world. This book would help me do that! Meanwhile, I am ordering a copy from Amazon, just in case…and also to support great people like you and Anne-Marie.:-). Thank you!

  164. I’m stopping in from strangers and pilgrims on earth to th as no you for the opportunity to win your book. :)
    As for this giveaway (I can’t help myself this is an awesome giveaway too) I would love to make rose soap of some sort…or dandelion….or calendula. :)

  165. Regina says:

    My favorite soap is Aloe Vera, I am really into the 100% natural skin care & that soap is just PERFECT! Will try to do a scrub soap as well..

    Thanks for the opportunity, would love that book in my library :)

  166. AliciaMae says:

    Any soap with lavender is always my favorite :)

  167. Christy says:

    The last few bars of soap I’ve made are oatmeal calendula. I love the combination. I’m thinking of making something with almond next.

  168. Angela Saver says:

    I have been wanting to tackle learning how to make our own soap, so this would be wonderful! I would love some great soap-making recipes!

  169. Rachel says:

    Beautiful, natural soap making is what I am keen to learn, and I’d like to learn from the best!

  170. Anne says:

    Looks like a great book! Thanks for the chance.

  171. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t made soap before properly, so I’d have to say that I’d be thrilled to try any recipe! Though when we buy natural, organic soap at the store, anything with Lavender is a favorite :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  172. Alisa says:

    My favorite is goat milk.

  173. SUSIE says:

    I love a soap that stays hard and ladders a lot with a nice smell – soft for the skin. :)

  174. Missy says:

    I’ve just recently started making my own soap. I’ve only tried the melt and pour soaps so far. Looking into trying to make soap with lye this summer.

  175. Julie says:

    I love the idea, and have been wanting to do this for quite some time, but have yet to make my own soap.
    I have been gathering items and supplies and recipes, and reading, and reading, and reading.
    I really need to just jump in and do it.

  176. Cynthia says:

    I’ve always wanted to make my own coconut-lime-verbena soap!

  177. noelia says:

    My favorite soap is creamy goat milk soap. I found a site that sells goat cream soap. How creamy that would be! Love, love, love natural soap. First time tried it, fell in love and never looked back. Made some with a friend, but still nervous about making my own :/

  178. Jennifer says:

    I love, love, love your recipe for Cucumber Borage soap!
    I also have your book! Wonderful recipes and great ideas. Spent a few hours today picking Dandelions and Violet flowers and leaves…possibilities of natural soap making are endless :)

  179. Vicky says:

    I would love to this book to learn how to make my own soap with all natural products.

  180. Anna Sch says:

    Coconut and lavender soap is my favorite so far :)
    Goat milk soap is on my to do list.

  181. A. Hartley says:

    I am a very new soapmaker, and I want to make goat milk soap since it’s so gentle and cleansing for everyone in the family! I want to be able to customize each batch for the boys and girls (men and women, too) so bath time is always a good time!

  182. beth says:

    I would love to win this book and try some of the soap recipes also. Thanks for the chance.

  183. I love the richness of homemade soaps and how you can control the ingredients to suit you needs. I prefer cold process but will make hot process if I want the soap quicker than 6 weeks. So far my two favorite inventions have been Borage Cucumber Nettle Soap and Orange Calendula Soap.

  184. I just love making soap. Puts me in my happy place! My favorite is goats milk soap. Using these soaps makes my skin feel so amazing. Thanks ever so much for.sharing your vast knowledge of soap in and all those amazing soap receipes!!!!! You are truly inspirational.

  185. Bridget Haig says:

    WOW What a wonderful give away!!! Put me down please.

  186. Teresa says:

    Years ago I would get this beautifully rose scented, hand made goats milk soap at a flea market I went to. I moved from there years ago and have not been able to find any like it since.

  187. Brenda Foulks says:

    I have been wanting to learn how to make soap. Then I came across your website and am very excited about what I have read and watched. I can now make soap with confidence, just waiting on my soap tray so I can get started. Thank you.

  188. Jane says:

    I love soap with lavender. I’m growing some in my garden and can’t wait to try making soap with it.

  189. Jean says:

    It looks like a fantastic recipe book! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  190. Tari Kahrs says:

    I have just begun hunting and gathering in preparation for my first attempt at this amazing art. I love hand made soaps and am drawn to scents of basil, rosemary & patchouli.

  191. Shelly Harp says:

    I would love to learn to make my own soap. I would like lavender soap I think.

  192. We most often make liquid castile soap, but my favorite bar is lemon poppyseed! Thank you for your gorgeous emails, I look forward to spending more time on your site.

  193. KimH says:

    I’ve never made soap but I AM going to one of these days.. I love a bright lemony artisan soap.. My daughter made some really lovely lavender soap for me as well.. I love them all, if Im honest…

  194. Sherry Bettencourt says:

    I’m always wanting to try new recipies! I don’t have a lot of time to experiment on my own. I would love toniwn this book!

  195. Julie ecklund says:

    I have made soap with a friend who makes several different soaps, lotions butters. I don’t have a favorite, but I’m ready to step out on my own to try new recipes.
    This book looks wonderful and fun.

  196. Willi says:

    Would love to win this book

  197. Kate says:

    Would absolutely love to own this book. I’ve made several batches of soap from various recipes found on websites. This book would be incredibly enjoyable and valuable to my soap making hobby.

  198. Taryn McDonald says:

    I haven’t been able to make soap for bout 8 months due to family commitments. So have been drooling over the net! Love your site. Honey soaps are my true love and will be my first debut back into soap land. Thanks for the chance to have a stab at getting this awesome book

  199. Barbara Kerschner says:

    I love the scent of almond soap.

  200. JES says:

    I love those old fashioned French olive oil based soaps. Thank you for offering this giveaway! :)

  201. Debra Alexander says:

    I have recently been using home made honey oat and goat milk soap and like it do much I want to learn how to make my own soaps and would do appreciate the book!

  202. Jan Wightman says:

    I would live to have this book. Absolutely love lavender soap and planning to make some soon

  203. Debra Alexander says:

    I have recently been using home made honey oat and goat milk soap and like it so much I want to learn how to make my own soaps and would so appreciate the book!

  204. David says:

    I want to complement Jan for being one of the most helpful persons that I have been in touch with concerning soap-making. I had a gallon of old oil that was given to me (mystery oil) and she went out of her way to develop a recipe for me and I was very impressed with her. Please buy her book, she deserves to sell a train load of them.

  205. Rebecca says:

    I learned a lot about making soap from this site. Thank you for so much great information.

  206. Julie says:

    Would love to win this book! Looks great!

  207. SarahEvenson says:

    Dandelions are my favorite and I love lemongrass so I’m excited to make your newest Dandelion soap recipe.

  208. Laura says:

    I have extra goats milk and would love to try making soap with it. I stumbled onto you site while one the hunt for information on making milk soap b I would like to learn how to add color and fragrance to it as well.

  209. Stella says:

    I am new to soap making, I have always been a bit afraid of working with lye, also I read that lye is not good for your skin.
    I make soaps but I would love to learn more and with your book I could do just that.

  210. Darlene says:

    Hi Jan, more great recipes from you. You are always so kind to share. I think of you every time a add some of my dandilion infused olive oil to different soap batches. Thanks for that recipe too. It is lovely. Looking forward to making more as soon as it warms up here in Nova Scotia and the dandilions come alive with a beautiful sea of yellow and green.
    AnnMarie have an interesting cover on her new book. If I don’t win this one I will be sure to purchase it.
    Have a wonderful day Jan.

  211. I am very interested in using natural colorants and additives. I use only low allergenic and sustainable oils and essential oils for the scent. Mostly, my soaps are colored by the oils, with maybe a few instances when I experimented with clays. I would love to learn more about using other colors naturally.

  212. Johnny W says:

    This is a skill I want to learn, the book would be a great start at soap making.

  213. Shannon says:

    I love anise soap…and I love soap making…the ingredients the process and quality time spent with others bringing them into this delightful craft. Thank you for your amazing website and info..please keep it coming😊

  214. Jacqueline says:

    I would love to win the book. What a wonderful prize!!

  215. I have never made soap myself but this year I want to give it a try. I always buy homemade soaps whenever I can find them. I have a friend that keeps bees and I so want to make a soap with beeswas and honey from their farm and maybe add some herbs I can pick or if possible add seasalt to the soap as I live on an island in the North Sea :-)
    Love your page and all the wonderful receipts you share. Thank you.

  216. Cindy Callihan says:

    I love making soap for my family and have used many of your recipes Jan. The first batch I ever made was your Garden Mint soap. I want to make goat milk soap next with some frozen milk I have. I appreciate so much all of the recipes you share. Thank you!

  217. Sonja Basson says:

    I am a first timer to making soap, I bought your e-books Jan and I am more that satisfied. I started buying all the soap making tools, all was delivered this week. This upcoming week I will buy ingredients and start my first batch, I am very excited….

  218. Sherri says:

    Yarrow is my favorite herb, and I am always looking for new ways to use it in soap!

  219. Marie Nielsen says:

    I too have been bitten by the Soapmaking Bug….I have purchased several supplies but am concerned that I don’t have enough information. My interests are goats milk, sea salt, and calendula soap.

  220. George says:

    I was looking for a long time for making my own soap and I got your site it was like winning a lottery I would like to make some olive oil soap for dry skin and for head scalp

  221. Beth says:

    The aleppo soap sounds wonderful. I am going to attempt that one. I have a 7 year old with eczema that would benefit from it.

  222. irene says:

    I have a few soaps that I make that I love— Honey soap with calendula/chamomile infused olive oil; basic soap made with lard and a chocolate-mint using all different mints grown in my front yard. Just a few of my favorites. Would love to try aleppo! This book sounds wonderful and would be must appreciated. Thanks,

  223. Patty Goodrich says:

    Any soap with lavender works for me…

  224. Glenna F says:

    I have been thinking about making soap for years. I recently found your site and have been enjoying it so very much. You’ve inspired me to get started and I’m ready to stop thinking about making soap and actually making the soap! And your Annatto-Yarrow soap is just as pretty as Anne-Marie’s!

  225. Jen E says:

    Whipped soap is so much fun to make! I love making salt bars. My next soap will probably be with violet tea.

  226. Teresa says:

    Actually, I’ve been wanting to make Castile soap and have read to put 3-5% coconut oil in to add for lather and then I just want to make a beautiful swirl or colored/layered soap. I get pretty nervous when I start thinking and setting up always afraid I’m going to mess something up but it’s getting better, less nervous I’d say each time I make soap. I can’t believe how it consumes my thoughts, hopefully in a good way since I’m learning so much about making soap! Thanks :) Love all your posts and ideas and recipes.

  227. Sandy Cleland says:

    I’m finding that as I am getting older my skin is doing all kinds of funky things. I have developed eczema, little itchy bumps that come and go.
    I have yet to make any homemade soap but I’d love to learn. I would like to win this book.

  228. JULIE-MAREE says:

    I have recently begun to make Goats Milk & Tallow Soap with the addition of olive oil & Coconut oil. Never before have I used an animal fat in soaping. Well! It is truly luxurious.

  229. Frani says:

    Love all your great information. I have been toying with the idea of making soap. Would LOVE to win this book for guidance. Aleppo soap sounds wonderful. Went through your site to add it to my wish list on Amazon.

  230. Susan says:

    We only use soap I make at home and I have a goat’s milk castile recipe I always use. I’d love to branch out and try other things!

  231. I most definitely will be trying this Minty Cucumber soap. I’m brand-new soap making and I’m so excited to try all of these new recipes. Since I’ve started using all natural soaps, I don’t want to use anything else. I’ve learned most of what I know right now from the Soap Queen. In fact, I’m waiting for one of my first batches to finish curing right now. Thanks for this post.

  232. Laura Cloud Hayes says:

    I’m thinking about making lavender and chocolate mint cream soap and also lemon balm soap.

  233. Alice S says:

    Full disclosure – I haven’t made any soap yet, as I’m still quite new to the healthy-herby-natural community, but soap is definitely one of the things I’d like to try making! I adore the scent of roses, so I’d love to try rose soap, but we only have one teeny-tiny rose bush and one even teenier thing that hopefully will be a rose bush one day, so I don’t have a supply of rose petals yet. But I’m nurturing some lavender, which I hope will flourish, and it’s another scent I really love.

  234. Kay Harvey says:

    One of your followers has shared her knowledge with me and in doing so has inspired me to recreate some of the shampoo bars my grandmother used years and years ago. As for my favorite soap – whichever new one she creates with the use of my herbs and beeswax. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  235. Tara Griggs says:

    My favorite soap to make and use is the carrot and calendula soap!

  236. *S* says:

    Just recently I decided I needed to start making my own soaps. I also would be looking for a shampoo bar soap recipe as I use them now, but heck if I’m making my own bath soap why not shampoo bars as well?. One more layer of cleaning up my lifestyle. So this book would be a great starter book for me to make the changes happen. Thanks for the opportunity and the great review. PS your soap looked great next to the picture in the book.

  237. Amy says:

    I’ve never made soap before but would love to try! This looks like a lovely book!

  238. Jen R says:

    I’ve been so afraid of lye…but I want to learn to make cold press soap! Lavender would be my favorite.

  239. xenia raili says:

    so far I made simply soaps for my family now im thinking about learning how to make more complex recipes

  240. Cyndi Bingham says:

    I want to make a soap using more botanicals and natural repurposed molds. I have been quite successful using the infused oils and various small silicon molds, but am ready to branch out!

  241. Alisa Erway says:

    I have wanted to make soap “forever”, but have been intimidated to start. I read as many blogs on the subject. I would like to just do it. The book looks like a great visual/tactile book to use. Thank you for the opportunity of a possibility to have it.

  242. I like to make the soap with olive oil, goat milk & honey. The most famous local products of Samothraki island in Greece. I prefer to live it pure because the nature must be pure.
    I ‘ll try to seαrch Anne-Marie Faiola because i like that “she generously shares” . I feel that you “generously shares” also, because i ‘ve learnt so many things via your blog.
    Thank you so much! Forgive me for my bad english.
    I’ll be so glad if i have the chance to win…

  243. Barbara says:

    Oh I would love a copy! I’ve been making a lot of DIY beauty products and have been a bit leery of treading into lye territory! :) This book would help me jump over this hurdle. Love your emails & site! :)

  244. I like to make the soap with olive oil, goat milk & honey. The most famous local products of Samothraki island in Greece. I prefer to live it pure because the nature must be pure.
    I ‘ll try to seαrch Anne-Marie Faiola because i like that “she generously shares” . I feel that you “generously shares” also, because i ‘ve learnt so many things via your blog.
    Thank you so much! Forgive me for my bad english.
    I’ll be so glad if i have the chance to win…

  245. Lisa Smith says:

    I’ve been wanting to make soap for a very long time but have been afraid to try. This book would be great to get me started. My favorite soap would be any with lavender.

  246. Moira l Roach says:

    I have never made soap, but this information makes me think it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be to make.

  247. Susan says:

    I’m a sucker for any soap with Lilac in it, Lavender is a close second. Being able to make my own, would be 2nd heaven.

  248. Angela says:

    My husband I have many Making soap for about a year now. I believe it is truly art and gives me so much joy. I would enjoy this book to learn more techniques and greater understanding of adding essential oils, additives, fragrances and natural products.

  249. Kathy says:

    Sp wanting to try in making soap. I have the jitters. I need something tangible so that I can read and re-read on how to start and go on making soap. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  250. Tamara Taylor says:

    I want to try to make soap with milk. My favorite soap so far is a spearmint soap. It makes me laugh because I put a bunch of spearmint flakes on top of the loaf. Now every time we get a new bar out the tub gets covered with spearmint flakes. What a funny mess!

  251. Gail Phares says:

    I am just learning to make soap. I love the peppermint smell, would love to have some great soaps to use!!! enjoy looking at your site!

  252. Amber says:

    I am new to soapmaking but the first soap I’d love to try to make is almond! I need all the help I can get just starting out!! ;)

  253. Dee says:

    I want to try making oatmeal & honey soap!

  254. Sarah Ann says:

    Since I love clay in my soap one of my next one will be using red clay…maybe an olive oil, or buttermilk soap!

  255. Debra says:

    I want to learn how to make natural ingredient soaps that are safe for my grandbabes to use & that feel and smell divine… This book looks like just what I need!

  256. Reigh says:

    I am definitely a part time apprentice soap-maker – it’s one of the many creative avenues I wander in my desire to live a ‘make my own’ lifestyle. I am currently exploring shampoo bars and researching those good for psoriasis. I’ve had some small successes but I haven’t hit the jackpot yet! I have too many questions and not enough kitchen space!

  257. Sandra Rhodes says:

    I’ve only been making soap since January, but I really love a plain lard/coconut/olive/castor combination, no additives. It is an awesome body bar for me and also works great as a facial bar (as long as my face isn’t acting up and oily— if oily, then I use a plain high coconut salt/charcoal combination). I really enjoy making soap, but using it is even better. I am super excited to try out some of your dandelion recipes now that they are blooming here.

  258. Carol says:

    I’m new to this and just in the collect information stage of soap making. I’m thrilled with all of the information, it’s rather exciting! For my first attempt, I’d like to try making a soap with honey. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  259. Sue says:

    My favorite soap to make is a clay soap scented with patchouli and lavender.

  260. Stacy Dentino says:

    I’m new at soap making but I’m really enjoying making goat milk soaps for my family. I prefer only natural ingredients so I appreciate your recipes!

  261. Samantha says:

    I really want to get into soap making! I’ve been thinking of what scents my first soaps will be, and I definitely love lemon balm and mint, as well as rosemary mint and lavender (all of which I grow in my garden!).

  262. Jean Palionis says:

    When I started to make soap there was very little available on soap making, so I gave up. NOW!…so much is available. I am still practicing, but…I want to make some calendula infused goat milk soap. This book would be a wonderful addition to my soap making endeavors. And thank you so much to all you ladies who are so wonderful to share your knowledge and skills with us newbies!

  263. Julie says:

    I, too, love making soap. One of my favorites is a simple Lavender Oatmeal (gluten free) soap. I use either Olive Oil for a Castille or our own home rendered lard. Both make a very nice creamy nourishing soap. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely recipes!

  264. Jana Naastad says:

    I love making soap. My favorite are lavender soap and olive oil soap. :)

  265. Anne says:

    I would love to learn how to make soap. I have saved various flower petals from blooms in my garden intending to do just that, but have never learned how. My favorite scented soaps are lavender and lime or lemon verbena. I also like oatmeal soaps for their excellent exfoliating. The book looks beautiful.

  266. Lizzy says:

    I’ve never made soap before but have been wanting to for a really long time. I have 3 kids with sensitive skin and I know they can really benefit.

  267. Can’t wait to improve my soap making skills. So far, the two soap recipes I tried from a book have worked out well. At least in appearance. But the recipes were not the best. They produced soaps that dried out our skin. I need recipes for mild, skin moisturizing soaps that don’t make the shower and bathtub too oily. I’ll be trying your soap recipes soon. Keep up the great work.

  268. Concha says:

    My favourite soap is made with argan oil I bought in a trip to Morocco. It is amazing. I also love liquid soap I made with Olive oil, coconut oil and potassium hydroxide but it requires a lot more work!

  269. Vicki Meeds says:

    I want to try making soap using roses.

  270. Joanna Webb says:

    So far my favorite to make is the Avocado Shampoo Soap CP with essential oils added for scent and natural benefits!! But I’ve only been soaping for about a month so there are still TONS that I need aka “want” ;) to try!

  271. Brenda says:

    I’m looking froward to making a soap for my husband that has Celiacs Disease and hope it will help with his skin issues

  272. Lori says:

    I just had my milk goat deliver triplets, and doesn’t seem to be doing a good job nursing…now sounds like a great time to put it to use, and make some soap! I’m feeling both excited, as well as a bit of trepidation, ( actually, a lot!), but with the scads of wisdom on this page, as well as this new book, I think I might be able to accomplish something!
    Thanks for this opportunity! lsharpe14@yahoo.com

  273. Jessica says:

    I am new to the homemade soap scene, and would LOVE this book. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  274. Liz Bell says:

    I haven’t made any soap as of yet – I’m just starting to get serious about herbs and making natural soaps and all that. This book looks gorgeous!!

  275. Jaimie Cura says:

    I love grapefruit soap — citrus soaps are so refreshing! :)

  276. delma says:

    I love oatmeal,milk and honey!my next soap will be cucumber and aloe vera

  277. delma says:

    I love oatmeal milk and honey,my next soap will be cucumber and aloe vera

  278. Susan says:

    I have never made soap before but going to start, gathering all the information I can this book would be great.

  279. Frieda says:

    Looking into natural soap making for some time now after being fed up with the ones laced with chemicals, came across this site and found it very useful. Would love to get a copy to try my hands on different soap recipes!

  280. Carolina says:

    I can’t even explain how much I love your latest e-book, it’s full of inspiration and great advices!
    My next soap experience includes fennel and peppermint from my own garden =)

  281. Rose Beauvais says:

    Hello! I have concentrated on naturally colored cold processed soap making but just finished with a wonderful two layer Oatmeal Stout that resembles a Black & Tan shown on Soap Queen.

  282. Hayley says:

    Hey!!!! Your site is awesome!!! I homeschool my 4 children and we have been praying for a way to do something together that would be fun but also something that would benefit us as a family. We really love love homemade soaps. We haven’t tried anything yet but have purchased some. Our favorite is oatmeal, honey so that’s the one we want to try, but any info or kind would be so appreciated!!! Yay!

  283. Andrea says:

    Handmade mint and coffee soap is my favourite, it wakes me up in the mornings and fills back my energy after work. I made it thinkibg about a.soap that would take smell away after cooking or washing dishes and it end up beein my favourite in the shower! My friends are loving it too :)

  284. Jenny says:

    I would love to learn to make my own soap! I’ve never made any before. I looove peony and lilac, I think I would like to make some type of spring floral scented soap!

  285. Jennifer says:

    That is such a gorgeous book! I would like to try my hand at making a wine or beer soap next!

  286. Jan Hargrove says:

    Hi from another Jan!!! I am a soap-making newbie and I would love to learn how to create traditional soap or liquid soap using lavender or tea tree and aloe.

  287. Debbie says:

    I’m thinking about making soap with tallow soon. I’ve some tallow from a grass fed cow and am curious how that will do for soap.

  288. Comments are now closed. Our winner is Janet with comment #14.
    Thanks everyone for your great comments! :)