Clay Cleansing Bars (Soap Free)

green clay cleansing bar in a metal tin, with a small half teaspoon beside it

These natural clay cleansing bars are made with nourishing butters, oils, clay, and oatmeal, and are best suited for normal to dry skin. I started working on this clay cleansing bar recipe a while back, and after quite a few experiments fine-tuning the amount of oils, butters, and clay, I finally settled on a ratio of ingredients that my skin likes. The recipe is incredibly adaptable and open to a variety of substitutions. Feel free … Continue reading

Mentholated Cold Care Chest Rub Cream

bowl of menthol crystals, eucalyptus leaves, and small blue and brown bowl with mentholated cold care chest rub in it

Learn how to make an effective, non-greasy, and natural cold care chest rub cream featuring essential oils and menthol. It’s peak cold and flu season around here, and I’ve been sharing jars of this natural vapor rub cream with loved ones. I originally created the recipe especially for my Handmade Lotions & Creams Course, but since it’s been so effective this winter, I wanted to share it here on my website today too! (Don’t have … Continue reading

Coconut Laundry Soap & Stain Stick {+ laundry detergent recipe}

Blue and white bowl filled with grated coconut laundry soap with grater and soap sticks nearby

Learn to make a homemade laundry soap and stain stick using just three ingredients. Also included is my easy recipe for laundry detergent. Unlike my other natural soap recipes, this one is intended for laundry purposes only. It has no extra oils or fats in it, making it better suited for cleaning tough stains on clothes rather than using on your skin. You can turn it into homemade laundry detergent, and/or cut it into stain … Continue reading

Flower Infused Whipped Body Butter

jar of flower infused body butter, pottery bowl of dried calendula, and Healing Herbal Infusions book

This nourishing whipped body butter recipe is perfect for softening and soothing dry hands and body! It features a trio of herbal flowers: dandelion, sunflower, and calendula, that help repair and condition chapped skin. Today I’m excited to share a recipe that was inspired by my friend Colleen’s brand new book, Healing Herbal Infusions. If you love making useful projects with flowers and herbs from your garden, this is a must have for your home … Continue reading

DIY Lavender Bath Bombs {100% Natural}

Lavender Bath Bombs on a wooden board with fresh lavender leaves

These relaxing DIY lavender bath bombs get their pretty natural color from purple Brazilian clay and delightful scent from pure lavender essential oil. The shea (or mango) butter helps to hold the bath bomb together, without the need for a lot of added witch hazel. If shea or mango butter isn’t available, a mixture of 1/2 oz cocoa butter plus 1/2 oz of your favorite oil could work equally well.   If you like this recipe, … Continue reading

Homemade Dog Shampoo Bars Recipe {with neem oil}

Homemade Dog Shampoo Bar with Plantain Leaves & a Sunflower

These natural homemade dog shampoo bars feature neem oil, which is especially helpful at repelling fleas and treating a variety of skin complaints. Since neem has a fairly strong aroma, I also included some lavender essential oil to help mellow the scent and to add a calming note to bath times. After washing your dog with a shampoo bar, follow with a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse (1 part vinegar to 1 to 2 parts … Continue reading

Homemade Doggie Breath Freshener Treats

natural dog treats for fresh breath with fresh mint and parsley beside a blue stoneware bowl

Have a dog with bad breath? Try this DIY doggie breath freshener treat recipe, made with all natural ingredients that are good for your pup! We love to spoil our pets, but our little dachshund’s tummy can’t handle most commercial dog treats. And, let’s face it. “Dog breath” didn’t become a commonly used insult for no good reason. She was in need of a treat to satisfy her snacking urges and a bit of breath … Continue reading

Detox Bath {supercharge your Epsom salt bath!}

jar of layered detox bath with small bowl of black lava sea salt

Supercharge your Epsom salt bath with this natural detox bath recipe featuring charcoal infused sea salt, baking soda, and bentonite clay. A natural detox bath is an amazing way to cleanse your skin and refreshen your body. While there are many different recipes that you can follow, this is my favorite one – adapted from the book Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair by Dina Falconi. These types of baths work well if taken right before … Continue reading