4 Recipes + A Sneak Peek

4 Recipes + Sneak Peek at Upcoming Projects

I’ve spent much of the last 12 months brainstorming, measuring, mixing, testing, perfecting, writing and photographing hundreds of recipe ideas for my new print book and other ebooks that will be available this year.


Below, is a behind-the-scenes photo I snapped of my dining room area in the midst of one such crafting/photography session. (If only I had a self-cleaning house!) :)

a creative mess

I’ve had such a great time making all sorts of pretty and useful things and am excited that I can finally share them with you soon!


For today, I have a mini guide you can download that gives a peek at what projects are coming up this spring and summer, plus four recipes from them that you can make now.

Just click HERE, or on any photo in this article, to grab your copy of the pdf file containing the recipes!


Recipes included in this guide:

Sinus Relief Bath Bombs

(from Natural Bath Bombs & Soaks ebook set, available soon!)

These bath bombs feature a rejuvenating blend of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils to help soothe achy muscles and open up stuffy sinuses. Matcha green tea lends a bright pretty color.

Sinus Relief Bath Bombs Recipe


Calendula Oatmeal Soak

(from Natural Bath Bombs & Soaks ebook set, available soon!)

This bath soak is specially designed for sensitive or itchy skin types. Ground oats soothe irritated skin while calendula flowers calm inflammation. If desired, you can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil for a light relaxing scent. To use, dump the entire cup of bath soak into the tub as it fills with comfortably warm water.

Calendula Oatmeal Bath Soak


Sunflower & Sea Buckthorn Lotion

(from Handmade Lotions & Creams e-package, available May 2017)

A small amount of sea buckthorn oil gives this creamy lotion a beautiful yellow color along with a generous amount of essential fatty acids, carotenes and other compounds that are beneficial for your skin. Sea buckthorn oil is especially useful for those with aged or damaged skin, eczema, rosacea or other skin conditions. Sunflower oil adds a light texture to this lotion, ensuring it’s easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types. Lavender lends a lovely scent along with the ability to stimulate growth of new skin cells. Palmarosa helps smooth and tone skin, but if you don’t care for the scent, it can be omitted.

Sunflower & Sea Buckthorn Lotion Recipe


Triple Butter Silk & Agave Soap

(from Simple Natural Soapmaking, print book, available August 2017)

This sumptuous soap is brimming with ingredients that your skin will adore. A trio of creamy conditioning butters ensures that your skin is well nourished, while silk adds an unparalleled touch of luxury. The natural sugars from agave syrup provides a small boost to lather, but if it’s not available, honey can be used in its place.

Triple Butter Silk & Agave Soap Recipe


Just click HERE, or on any photo in this article, to grab your copy of the pdf file containing the recipes!


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10 Responses to 4 Recipes + A Sneak Peek

  1. Michelle says:

    Lovely recipes, thank you for sharing the preview with us! For the sinus relief bath bombs, how do you label the bath bombs so they don’t make medicinal claims?

  2. Hi thank you so much for your recipes! I have used several of yours now and love them

  3. linda says:

    the calendula oatmeal bath soak sounds lovely & i actually have all the ingredients. i just need to clean my tub. i’m excited to hear you will have a print soap making book! can’t wait. :)

  4. Beth Hargrave says:

    Hello Jan – I really appreciate the work you put into your recipes and that you share them with us. Thank you! I have purchased some of your eBooks and your print book and I love them all. Right now I have three batches of your soap curing, three batches of flower salt drying, and violet leaves drying on an old window screen. :) I found a great place to forage for violets.

    I have a question about the Natural Soap Making package. I only bought the soap book and now realize I should have purchased the package. Is there a way to buy the rest of the resources in the package or would I need to purchase the whole package?

    Thank you – Beth

    • Hi Beth! That’s wonderful to hear that you enjoy the ebooks & print book! :)
      Yes, you sure can upgrade the soap book into a package; there are two ways to do that:
      If you look on page 6 of the natural soap making ebook, there’s a link you can click to purchase the package, minus the cost of the ebook you already own.
      Or, you can send me an email to honeybeehillfarm @ gmail.com & I can send you a coupon for the discounted package.

  5. Susan king says:

    Hi my dog stepped on my kindle so I lost the natural soapmaking book. I was most upset mainly re your book. Wondering if You can re download to me again. I made the carrot soap. Lovely and gentle. I also preordered your new print(yay print). It would be most kind if you could help me

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